Josh Shaw Suspended Indefinitely After Admitting Lie

Shannon Sharpe joins First Takes Skip Bayless to discuss the latest news on USC cornerback Josh Shaw admitting he lied about how he sprained his ankles.

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  • David C says:

    When did Shannon Sharpe join ESPN? Did his contract at CBS Sports expire?

  • EatOrLumby says:

    Lol everyone saying "itll be so much better if he admits it"

    Admits it, "everyone hates him more"

  • Michael Myers says:

    College sports SUCK! it’s all about that NFL & NBA !

  • Twayvo YRN says:

    Didn’t Skip lie about his college basketball career?

  • David McIntyre says:

    Dudes a scumbag, got his family to tell lies for him and then threw them
    under the bus.

  • N Kumar says:

    What is so bad he lied about how he got hurt?

  • Len Peterson says:

    Negroes are only 3/5 human. Google it.

  • Rodderick Garland says:

    This is one of the most blown out of proportion stories espn has ever

  • Buffalo Bison says:

    Why does Shannon Sharpe have to preface everything he says with some
    anecdotal quote that his "mother" or "grandmother" used to tell him or
    something he says to the "young guys coming up"?

  • Denzell Newsome says:

    Some DB got injured and he lied about it…great story…

  • John Emfinger says:

    Am i the only one who doesnt give one DAMN about how he hurt himself or why
    he lied?!?

  • Will Smith says:

    Skip Bayless is the biggest con in covering sports. He acts like the
    biggest idiot and millions of people follow his words….

  • DaBro1102 says:

    Shannon sharpe has to stop making it obvious that he’s using chewing

  • thomas jeff says:

    Shannon Sharpe? He works for ESPN now? Is he gonna be on countdown? What
    happen to CBS? Got replaced by Tony Gonzales? Replaced on tight end for

  • Aaron Remineux says:

    Does anyone know how he actually sprained both ankles?

  • Hal Davis says:

    Tell the truth, its better than digging a deeper hole. He just hurt is NFL
    chances too.

  • robotturkey says:

    Wtf is in this guy’s mouth

  • JCGrantatAC says:

    In before someone says "Running from the cops."

  • Paps says:


  • DaHans360 says:

    WTF IS SKIP WEARING?? is he batman?

  • Patrick Star says:

    Where is Stephen a ? :(

  • Wagner2722 says:

    First comment! Love this show!