Kenny Hill Impresses in Debut Against South Carolina

Robert Smith and Shannon Sharpe join First Takes Skip Bayless to discuss the performance of Texas A&Ms new starting QB Kenny Hill.

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  • sandythebear says:

    Strictly speaking, I can’t believe the guy is already being titled Kenny
    Football, we need to see some sustainability. 

  • John Lewis says:

    That was a heck of a game by Kenny Hill. He looked so good, but that was
    just one game. Let’s see how he does the rest of the season. Could Texas
    A&M win the SEC west? I wasn’t impressed with Alabama. 

  • iurhviusdfavhi says:

    Looking at the unbelievable plays this guy made and then going and looking
    at the last preseason game against the Rams where Johnny Manziel threw some
    ducks makes me worried.

  • Philp Yung says:

    Skip is hiding it now, but he’ll be fool blown gay for the kid here in a
    few months.

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    The new star at Texas A&M.

  • wero pinche says:

    Kenny Hill is a better QB and a better player than Johnny Manziel.. 

  • classyyoungman says:


  • King Greqo says:

    Shannon Sharpe is so annoying to watch on first take. So pompous and
    biased. Also he constantly likes to talk for Skip whenever he is on the
    show. And half of the time, he’s wrong!

  • Jpgoeagles says:

    Why are they playing conference games this early in the season!!!

  • kuissi0 says:

    Manzeil is a beast. Kenny Hill is a beast. Instead of giving the kid credit
    everyone came to use this as an excuse to bash manziel. Some of you guys
    manziel obsessions is a little disturbing.

  • SuperMavs123 says:

    The receivers made Kenny look better than he really is.

  • buter2toast99 says:

    you cannot say whether he is better or worse that manziel. its the 1st game
    of the season, and SC had an awful game. Hill played great, but the SC d
    might be the worst performance i’ve seen in the last 3-4 years. cannot
    judge based off this game alone

  • Nic Shannon says:

    I always get the impression that Shannon Sharpe has something in his mouth

  • KarzolaTV says:

    Kenny Hill by far is a better QB than Manziel. I actually think the offense
    suffered due to Manziel, he panics in the pocket way to much. He was never
    a QB and to this day still isn’t.

  • Stephen White says:

    Kenny Hill is good, but their redshirt freshman qb is special.

  • Malik Mitchell says:

    I actually like having SHANNON SHARPE on the show.. Had to capitalize his
    name because a lot of people refer to him as "the other black guy".

  • Eric Miller says:

    What do you know, SC is overrated again.

  • cruman87 says:

    If Hill keeps this up, it shows that it’s wasn’t Manziel that made the
    offense go, it was Sumlin’s system. Always knew Manziel was a system QB. 

  • MostFearD says:

    Where’s Stephen A. Smith? 

  • Jigar Sandhu says:

    Manziel u mad bro lol