Laila Ali: "I Wouldn’t Have Been Able to Go Back"

Champion Boxer and TV Host Laila Ali Joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss LeBron James returning to Cleveland and would she have returned if she were in LeBrons shoes.

Team SVA


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  • ItsTheMunz says:

    Dan Gilbert was misguided and made a dumb decision, but I’m just asking (as
    a privileged white guy) why does the plantation mentality have to be
    brought up for his anger towards Lebron leaving and his supposed sense of
    "ownership" towards Lebron?
    Like if Lebron was white and had done the same thing to Cleveland you think
    they would have thrown the guy a going away party?
    Like, do people forget what Lebron had promised that city? That’s gonna be
    heartbreaking no matter how you slice it if you leave.
    I just don’t always understand where this stuff is coming from but I can’t
    act like I’m able to relate.

  • olliej21 says:

    "You give your call a boss" lol

  • TheTruthiest says:

    Stephen A. should be ashamed of comparing LeBron to Ali. Hiring your
    unqualified friends isn’t some great social service. It’s stupidity. On
    the other hand, I think Gilbert’s letter was genius in many ways because it
    likely made LeBron more likely to return in order to prove Gilbert wrong
    about him being selfish and cowardly. Gilbert isn’t an idiot. There’s a
    reason he left that letter up.

  • OmegaMan says:

    I agree,I wouldn’t go back,not only with Dan Gilbert being the reason,but
    fans burned his jersey and all the racist crap these people said even
    though they once cheered him.

  • Conner Conner says:

    more lebron nut hugging…blah blah blah

  • BESTintheW0RLD1 says:

    FML enough with the "you know what i mean" 

  • Lebron James says:

    Top 3 players in NBA history? 3:06

  • 84chevypickup says:


  • Mark James says:

    LOL. I love how they say NBA owners acting like slave owners. because we
    all know it’s just so hard being multi millionaire slaves to the man. SMFH.

  • RicRugerFlare says:

    I think its unfair to make Lebron look like a victim in this situation.
    Dan Gilbert reacted out of anger and it can actually be seen as a form of
    standing up for the organization and fan base. But they are two grown men,
    apparently they squashed it. Mistakes are apart of life.

  • Nelly305ful says:

    Skip bayless looks uncomfortable

  • 3SIXR3 says:

    Both sides made mistakes
    They put everything aside for CLEVELAND
    Lets goooo 

  • Pat M says:

    3:12 You give your call a boss.

  • James Kerr says:

    shes an athlete? lmao stick to the kitchen 

  • Jpgoeagles says:

    lol how did this turn into a racial convo

  • dolphinfootball27 says:

    Is LeBron James the Greatest of all time now? LeBron back in Cleveland.
    Best case scenario, LeBron wins a Championship with Cleveland next season
    in 2015 or in 2016, but if Irving and Wiggins aren’t great and James
    realizes that than he should win Cleveland their Chip. by himself, play as
    great as he possibly can in the next two years and win one and than LeBron
    goes back to Miami and wins multiple Championships with a healthy Wade,
    Bosh, and great Heat team. Worst case scenario, it takes LeBron 3,4,5 years
    to win in Cleveland.

  • LeBeautiful says:

    Sometimes you have to be the bigger man. LeBron understands what he means
    to people in Cleveland.