LeBron and Melo Teammates in 2015-16?

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the possibility of the LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony teaming up in the 2015-16 NBA season.

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  • burnin hydro says:

    Heat just need to drop Chalmers, Lewis and Bosh. Then have wade and james
    take pay cuts. (Rather see Wade leave but we know thats not happening).
    This would give Miami enough cap space to go for Lowry and possibly Love. A
    lineup of James, Wade, Lowry, and Love is defintiely better than Bosh,
    Wade, James, and Melo. Miami doesnt need Melo another person on their team
    that cant play good defense? Lowry is clearly a better fit considering
    Miami’s clear struggles at pg throughout the whole finals. They should
    continue to work on Norris Cole though there is still potential there.

  • SLIP NORRIS says:

    It’s ridiculous what the NBA has become when star players want to play
    together to manufacture rings. Where is the competitive spirit of raising
    your game for your team instead of playing not having to go that extra gear
    and share the load of winning a ring with another super star player.

  • chickenwityamz says:

    I wish Miami would just get a Big Man presence. Birdman is cool, I love his
    energy, but if they can get a Big man that scores 11 pts, 10 rebs and play
    defense, you are looking at a totally different team. I’ll enjoy seeing
    what happen if they get some more depth and a big man. But if they get Melo
    it’s a wrap lol.

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    I would be shocked if this happens because melo and Lebron would take a
    major pay cut for this to happen.

    Joe Johnson is getting paid more than Lebron and wade.

    Miami has to buy their championships compared to the spurs being built. 

  • Karl Green says:

    They talked more about LEBRON than they did about the real subject,MELO
    playing with LeBron. Typical

  • windstorminator says:

    people are saying that Lebron needs another superstar to win a
    championship, well what i say is that if you look back at any championship,
    most teams had at least 2 HOFer’s on their team or 3 All-stars. Name me a
    team that doesn’t?

  • BACKinBLACK1080 says:

    CP3 as well. Let’s get all of the players who are overrated and would never
    win a ring, and throw them on the Heat. Their legacies, including Lebron’s,
    will never match up to Michael Jordan, so we might as well just give them
    the rings so they can feel better about themselves. It’s 2014 and everyone
    needs to be PC and everyone is #Amazing. Lebron is the only "King" in the
    history of Royalty to need other Kings to help him rule a Kingdom. 

  • Londre Gilkey says:

    Lebron haters are silly, NBA loves him, where ever he plays they sell out
    arenas. All talk bout leaving to play on Wades team is silly, pistons was
    the closet team who won with out great rosters. Mike & Mike made great
    point spurs big 3 play for less money to have a deep team, its wrong with
    Lebron and Pat do it, but the right way when Pop does it? that makes no
    sense, obvious LBJ is great player, he had 2 bad playoff series, 1 in
    Dallas and 1 against Orlando I think his last yr in Cleveland. rest of
    career is great so he a choke artist for those 2 series, but we just forget
    what he did to pistons, boston, chicago, indiana, OKC, not to mention
    regular seasons. Wade has never been better than LBJ that is fact. Lindsey
    hunter shuts wade down and refs would always bail him out with cheap fouls.
    Wade needs lebron more than Lebron needs wade, his body doesn’t allow him
    to guard anybody and limits his offensive game., The bad think about the
    internet is dummies get same air time as people with common sense

  • Marko Stojanovic says:

    Melo LBJ Baadddddd mixx.That will not be good.

  • Matt Griffen says:

    Not going to lie if melo goes to the heat I will go to.

  • IamMrMatt says:

    As a Knicks fan, this would be a punch in the gut. Not because our star
    player would potentially be leaving, it is that he would be leaving to go
    to a hated rival. I would lose all my respect for Melo if he went to Miami.

  • dolphinfootball27 says:

    LeBron haters have no idea what they’re talking about, they never have.
    That’s why they’re LeBron haters. James made it to the finals in his 2nd.
    playoff appearance with nobody’s and made the finals in his 6th. 7th. 8th.
    9th. playoff appearance winning in his 7th. 8th. 9th. this season. It took
    Jordan 7 playoff appearances to make the finals. Case closed.

  • ReeseTheComedian says:

    This is why basketball is dead

  • ED says:

    Connection to Billionaire to Wall street haha

  • projectdarc says:

    I want to see LeBron go to a team with one top 50 player, help turn him
    into a top 10 player, and win multiple championships with that guy! Until
    he does that…. he shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Michael

  • MERCURIUS808 says:

    5:22 That girl in the background though

  • Solomon Shewit says:

    I think DWade should be traded because he only has a couple good years
    left, pair LeBron and Chris Bosh up with someone like Melo who can help the
    team win

  • Damian Killard says:

    If lebron wins with carmelo, he will always be viewed as a superstar who
    needed super friends to win a championship because he cant do it himself

  • projectdarc says:

    The NBA doesn’t need super teams, it needs parity! When you only have less
    than a handful of teams that can legitimately compete for the title every
    year, thats bad for business 

  • PritDeLaGhetto says:

    who would start at the 4? Melo plays better at the 4 but lebrons bigger.
    How about Melo just come to Chicago? That should solve all problems

  • Dimitri CHARLES says:

    speculation only speculation. The NBA don’t even let Chris Paul play with
    Kobe and how they would let LBJ playing with Melo. How is that posible? 

  • Volt Innocentuy says:

    If this happens, I would lose all respect for star players excluding some. 

  • friendlyfire53 says:

    Lebron needs more help!!! He’s only surrounded by teammates with a combined
    31 All-star game appearances!! He needs Carmelo, which will put him at 38
    combined all-star game appearances. Lebron has had to carry his terrible
    team through the powerful eastern conference 4 years in a row. Lebron can
    win with the following roster: PG: Irving; SG: D-Wade; SF: Lebron; PF:
    Carmelo; C: Bosh. Although this team isn’t all that great, Lebron would
    carry them anyway.

    -Heat Fan Est. June 21st, 2012

  • Loll Alright says:

    Nobody wants to team with Carmelo. You put Carmelo on the heat and they
    won’t get out of the first round