LeBron vs Bird, Who You Got?

First Takes Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate whether LeBron James is the greatest small forward to ever play.

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  • DieForMe97 says:

    Lebron is the greatest of all time its not even a discussion.

  • IamMrMatt says:

    LeBron would not last in the era Larry Bird played in. Too physical for

  • QCW says:

    God damn people sound so stupid when they say Ray Allen ‘saved’ Lebrons
    legacy. Big shot from Ray but lebron singlehandedly led that comeback in
    the 4th quarter 

  • Reef says:

    Lebron needs to win this year to be considered over Legend. Larry was not
    only one one the baddest white boys of all time, he just plain one of the
    baddest. Anyone who disagrees has either never seen Bird play, or just
    caught in the moment.
    ^this is a historical look on the matter.

    If I were making a team, I would narrowly go with Lebron. He is just a
    better defender and would fit better in any system you put him.

  • VZA [Visual Zen Advocate] says:

    This question is a joke. LeBron is in the conversation for best player of
    all time. Bird doesn’t even come close.

  • bsinctone says:

    THE REALITY IS: LBJ is already the second best NBA player that ever played
    the game. MJ is number one just because of his 6 rings…if LBJ gets 6 or
    7….he is the GOAT! LBJ is the most complete player in NBA history.

  • thelakersshowtime says:

    LeBron is already greater than Larry Bird by any statistical measure and
    number of awards. The only thing Bird has on LeBron is one ring, and even
    that is probably gonna be tied at 3-3 soon…sorry, that’s not enough.

    LeBron > Bird.

  • projectdarc says:

    If you wanted your SF to be an all-out scorer, you’d choose Bird over
    LeBron. But If you wanted a better all-around guy that could dominate on
    both ends of the floor at pretty much any given moment, ESPECIALLY
    DEFENSIVELY, you got to go with LeBron. But just to throw a wild card in
    there, if you wanted a pure ball distributor at that spot, you’d go with
    Magic Johnson

  • dannydabeasty says:

    It’s too early for this argument i want to see lebron play without all that
    speed, quickness, strength,etc. because when I see him go to the basket he
    is just a bully and on the break he is unstoppable. Lebron is a smart
    player tho.

  • L’Carpetron Dookmarriot says:

    Cue the lebron fan boys and lebron haters…go

  • KA3BOOL50 says:

    LeBrick is just stronger, skills wise he’s just another player.

  • NBALakersNation says:

    are you serious 1sttake? Just for views..

  • MickeyP023 says:

    Lebron only has rings because he went to a super team…SMH Lebron isnt
    even top 5 best all time

  • Charles Branton says:

    Lebron is the greatest sf ever to play hands down

  • swansob says:

    Anyone who thinks LeBron has a better career as of now either didn’t watch
    Bird or was born after 2002.

  • germaneloyguzman says:

    What all these people say bird even though 1. their 10 and have never even
    seen bird play and 2. have an insecure hatred toward LeBron.

  • Daniel Maia says:

    You need to be quite dumb to say that right now LeBron is better than Bird
    was, he would only win in defending and rebounding but that’s because he is
    stronger than Bird. We all know that Bird is better at skills and mentally.

  • Tom Car says:

    If bird was as a big a flopper lebron was bird would have easily scored 30+
    a game