Neymar Jr. World Cup 2014 Best Moments and Goals

Neymar Jr. World Cup 2014 Best Moments All Skills and Goals. Neymar terrible back injury This video includes Neymar Jr Message After Injury vs Colombias Zuñiga | World Cup 2014 Neymar Jr…

Team SVA


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  • Tejash Patel says:


  • Pedro machado says:

    Neymar is an horrendous looser.. 

  • Hiroyuki Nakamura says:

    Neymar is an idiot… that’s why he got tackled and got injured.

    Any smart player would’ve avoided injury. 

  • Doggvideos NewAge says:

    and as you avoided the copyright of FIFA? : O

  • keith david says:

    I guess those golden boots mean nothing

  • Sabrina Voges says:

    NEYYYYYYMAAAAAAARRR !!!!!!:********** ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡3

  • rossisports says:

    beautiful video, poor neymar :(

  • Marko Doroch says:

    its sad that he believed in his team on winning and they totally let him
    down to germany 1 – 7. Brazil had made a terrible step back and made
    history for Brazil. In a bad way ):

  • RHA eaglestriker says:

    those brazilians who played against germany should all get replaced that
    was weak performance they put on

  • Airton Silva says:

    Great vid,Great player <3

  • Christopher Gault says:

    It’s shocking that knee to the back didn’t get punished. A little bite get
    a player banned for 4 months yet and knee to the back gets nothing

  • Lone Varg says:

    Viva Brasil !! doesn’t matter,Brasil is only One

  • LadyHappiness says:

    What’s the song ?

  • BrijX TheCheater says:


  • Rioandturbo Truebiggestfan says:

    I wish brazil would win. I never like germany but I don’t hate it but my
    stepmom hates Germany and she SIAD they don’t DERSERVE to win and I kinda

  • Raima Absara says:


  • Kayleigh Samson says:

    "Where would they be without the golden boy?" Answer: losing 7-1 to

  • DoesNotExist305 says:

    He was having a great World Cup run. 

  • ErikLiibaan10 says:


  • Het Blaaskapel says:

    I hope brazil loses against germany. Brazil doesn’t deserve to win the
    world cup.

  • SrRondo says:

    Neymar Jr. World Cup Skills and Goals. #Neymar #WorldCup2014