Peyton Manning Flagged for Taunting

First Takes Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss whose side they are on after Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning was flagged for taunting Houston Texans D.J. Swearinger in response…

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  • RodovreCasuals says:

    So trying to stand up for your teammate makes you a soft team? I would
    think that not getting in someones faces when you believe an opponent has
    wronged you would make you soft. I’m not saying the hit was dirty but that
    comment was moronic.

  • Jason Todd says:

    Steven A Smith is the biggest idiot in Sports Media, Soft? A player can’t
    control if he gets a concussion or not after he already gets hit, Welker
    can’t control the amount of pain and impact on his brain, after receive a
    hit. Steven A. Smith should get hit hard in his head, see if he can
    biologically control the concussion from happening like a masculine
    ignorant Macho punk. ESPN should of suspended him longer for his stupid
    wife beating comment earlier about Ray Rice, Pro-misogynist, douchebag,
    ignorant Steven A Smith. 

  • TomS9090 says:

    dj swearinger is dirty as well. Peyton stood up for his teammate and im
    totally fine with that. 

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "I thought Peyton Manning was out of bounds & WAY out of character." – Skip

  • Robert LeBlanc says:


  • monotonesarcasm says:

    How about Peyton not throw to a receiver in triple coverage next time. 

  • Shane Schubert says:

    So, according to both Skip and Stephen A, the Manziel middle finger was
    overblown and really "no big deal", but Peyton Manning talking trash to a
    specific player for a specific player is "way out of bounds"…OK.

  • Timmy Johnson says:

    Get lower than your opponent. It’s that simple.

  • Benjamin Burrows says:

    Wow, Stephen A. Smith is racist. He just call the two white stars of the
    Broncos offense soft, and excluded J. Thomas and D. Thomas, when he was
    talking about the WHOLE offense being soft. Well if it’s the WHOLE offense,
    then it’s the WHOLE offense. Not pointing out the two white players in
    Manning and Welker, even pointing out Decker, and clearly state that he
    wasn’t talking about the two black receivers. I think he’s at least
    SLIGHTLY racist, at least subconsciously. 

  • Stephen White says:

    Peyton Manning is not a thug, neither is Sherman. Manning was standing up
    for Wes Welker.

  • Simba501 says:

    I liked it.

  • Andrew Garcia says:

    TOM BRADY is the real "thug". Talk about a guy who will scream at anyone.
    TOM BRADY has cursed out Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, ALL HIS RECEIVERS, His
    Offensive Coordinators, the steelers defense, and especially the Referees.
    That’s what you call a GOAT, not Manning. 

  • Andrew Garcia says:

    Sherman does this and gets called a THUG and a disgrace. Tom Brady does
    this and he gets fined and is called a "Pussy". Peyton manning does it and
    he is called "the greatest of all time"….BULL CRAP.

  • Jaime Martinez says:

    The broncos are about as soft as my pillow Payton u ready to loose another
    Super Bowl lol 

  • Loll Alright says:

    Not dj fault that welker ducked his head

  • Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    Peyton is the GOAT just like me CR7

  • ASP2778 says:

    Manning is a bum and a choker, the GOAT Tom Brady is winning his 4th Super
    Bowl this year 

  • Javier Torres says:

    DJ hit how he is supposed to hit

  • popcrnshower says:

    So its wrong for Peyton to run over to a player and yell at him, but
    Richard Sherman does it and all the media gets behind him.