Phil Heath vs Kai Green Fight on stage at Mr. Olympia pre-judging

Phil Heath vs Kai Green fight on stage at Mr. Olympia pre-judging on Friday night turns into physical confrontation. The verbal confrontation in the Mr. Olympia press conference has escalated into little bit of shoving in the stage. It could have been worse if the two dominant alpha males not separated right away.

The reining Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and Kai Green were little bit too close next to each other even though the announcer told them to spread out. In the video above they bump each other’s arms at first. On the following position no one back down on their space when Green whip his hair that hit Phil’s shoulder. Heath just smile and mumbled some words until Kia Green shoves him in confrontation. The two exchanged words but no punches were thrown.

Phil Heath is looking for his 4th Olympia title while Green looking for his first.

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