Scott Van Pelt social media reaction: ESPN Anchor disses The Kardashians on Lamar Odom tragic situation

ESPN midnight anchor Scott Van Pelt (SVP) discusses former Lamar Odom sad situation in Wednesday’s SportsCenter’ segment and SVP has some striking words against her former wife Khloe one of the star in reality show The Kardashians. Scott Van Pelt made it clear to the entertainment media for labeling Lamar Odom a ‘reality star’.

Van Pelt points out, “I understand not everyone watches sports. But Kardashian reality star? His name is Lamar Odom, and we knew it long before he got married on a TV show we don’t watch.”

Scott Van Pelt video statement:

Here’s Scott Van Pelt social media reaction on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Nick from Facebook: “Scott Van Pelt says exactly whats on all our minds who know how much Lamar Odom..A dude from Queens, NY has overcomed and accomplished…prayers up Lamar”

From Ellen: “He’s much more than Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband. The guy has had such an unfair life. Look into Lamar Odom and his accomplishments. Preach on Scott Van Pelt!”

On Youtube:
Dan: “SVP earned himself a new fan. Well done.”

Sesaww: “F**k those Kardashian wh**es, they probably made his life even more difficult.”

On Twitter:
Bleacher Report: Scott Van Pelt rips entertainment media for labeling Lamar Odom a ‘reality star’

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