Shelly Sterling’s Fight For Clippers

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Shelly Sterlings comments about fighting to keep her half of the L.A. Clippers.

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  • TRE4RERE says:

    so the nba is saying that its ok to: do drugs, drive drunk, hit women, jay
    z can wear anti-white people necklaces, cheat on wives, etc etc etc but no
    to racism…..#consistency

  • wero pinche says:

    The Sterling name and family should be remove from the NBA, PERIOD!!! 

  • TheAlphared1 says:

    HAHAHA they don’t realize that when this gets to court the Judge is going
    off of the government rules not the NBA. The Judge can care less on what
    the NBA is saying. 

  • CraigUchihaLP says:

    Thought Stephen A. meant Chandler Parsons at first lol

  • Robin Raphael says:

    His wife is as much of a b*tch as the girl who snitched on Donald. If I had
    a wife she would not let me sleep around with other girls… SMFH! Anyway,
    they should just sell the Clippers and enjoy their life before their next

  • GodlyP3rfection says:

    Wait if he has a wife , then who’s that younger chick

  • heyitsme916 says:

    these players have a problem playing for a racist owner but don’t have any
    trouble getting paid by the owner right now. they should just donate all
    money they making right now if they really wanted to make a statement. 

  • Loll Alright says:

    god forbid a white man express an opinion. I guess the 1st Amendment
    excludes white since only white people can be racist. Sad

  • ANDREWA1711 says:

    Now this I like : )

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    She should not own the clippers because she is most likely racist but
    doesn’t expose it like her husband did. Think about why marry someone who
    is racist and make it seem like she is not racist and is innocent from all
    that is happening. She is just as bad as donald and most likely a racist
    like him. 

  • Dymez says:

    The Sterlings fight everything, that’s their M.O. The only difference with
    this fight compared to all their previous ones is that the NBA has the
    personnel and the funds to put up with it and see it to the end. Donald
    Sterling has fired coaches and refused to pay them, even though their
    contract warrants that they’re due money, and he’d fight them in court only
    for the coach to eventually pull out on the case because of the costs
    outweighing the pay. These people are garbage — and, frankly, stupid.
    They really think they’re going to pull this off against the NBA, they’ll
    learn soon.

  • Rick Shane says:

    a lot of black people complain about Donald Sterling’s racism, which is
    understandable. BUT, a lot of black people are openly racist as well

  • yagimaynee says:

    the nba constitution says that if ownership is terminated from one person
    its terminated from everyone.

  • ceaser williams says:

    i think she shud be able to keep his team, tha sterlings shudnt have to go
    broke but thats js me 

  • Niggasinmaface says:

    He will be taxed for a chunk of that sale, so he will be losing at the end
    of the day.

  • LeBeautiful says:

    Everybody saying anybody with the name Sterling shouldn’t own the Clippers
    is moronic to me. That’s basically saying if my dad commits murder by
    default I am also a murderer. 

  • EatOrLumby says: