Should Derrick Rose Play In USA BBall? – ESPN First Take

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss the risk of D. Rose playing in USA basketball. Should Derrick Rose Play In USA BBall? – ESPN First Take Should Derr…

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  • Joseph Delgado says:

    BTW Miami would not have won in the finals against a Chicago like we had
    last year or even the year before our team would have made for an elite

  • Earl Green says:

    Question, rationalize, dissect, and then reject – the process of a
    determined non-believer as far as Jesus is concerned. Though not
    unbelievers Abraham and Zacharias had the same doubt process, but God
    proved Himself sure and true to them. We have the Bible – straight from God
    Himself – no excuses, no doubts, no dissecting, no magic – take up the

  • Alec Buckley says:

    Disagree. I want him to play AS a bulls fan. Listen, if his knees are gonna
    get injured, they’re gonna get hurt. It won’t matter that he plays now or
    later. If he’s gonna be fine long term, then he’ll be fine now.

  • Kevo193 says:

    All these NBA ppl care about is money. In soccer, its an honor to represent
    your country at the World Cup. The club teams have to let their players go
    represent their country as they should and yes some do get injured but you
    deal with it. Utterly pathetic by these NBA ppl. Country > Club 

  • vvifi says:

    D rose is gonna explode on the court no doubt

  • bang'yo momma says:

    Wow, this is actually the first time I agree with Skip Bayless. We all know
    D Rose isn’t gonna make the team with all the other point guards out there.
    And If Coach K was to cut another top tier point guard for him, I’d like to
    think he wouldn’t get much playing time. Just enough to get his feet wet.
    And Stephen is against that? I rather for him to get out there and work
    that rust. THEN focus on training camp. THEN the preseason. Then the
    regular season and we go from there. And hopefully, we’ll have our man

    Why? Because it answers everybodies question. If D Rose stays on that
    track, and is smart with his body, and can remain healthy then we’ll all
    know he’s back. If he does go down again, then we know D Rose cannot be
    what he once was. And from there, now The Bulls would know where they stand
    on this Rose issue. Staying on that track and keeping his body active is
    what he needs, not sitting on a couch collecting even more rust.

  • Danny Max says:

    why is rose getting a free spot on the team?

  • Darius Mitchell says:

    Stephan A has a way of making sense. I gotta go with him on this one. I’d
    be damned if he get hurt out there. 

  • mrmark262 says:

    D Rose should sit out.

  • Lucas Meyer says:

    John Wall has NO business playing for team USA!!! Kyrie, Lillard, Rose hell
    yes, the rest? PFFFTTT, unless it is Rondo, forget them scrubs!!!

  • Neji1984 says:

    He said the same about Adrian Peterson’s quick return.

  • Manny Becerra says:

    Lmao skips fact tho #Lmfao!

  • Deandre Johnson says:

    He is still limpin. Not a good look

  • William Butler says:

    Chicago is still paying him. Don’t let that man play for the USA team.
    Stephen A. said it right. If he gets hurt again he should be in a Chicago
    Jersey. D rose is elite a franchise player save him for the season. Not
    summertime ball. He had plenty of time to play with team USA in the future
    he only 25 years old

  • Ronald Rodriguez says:

    D. Rose buggin. If he gets hurt the bulls should release him 

  • Bailey Hauser says:

    C’mon now, it’s definitely a great idea for him to play with team USA.
    He’ll get his footing back & be in prime shape for the season. It’ll help
    him iron out the kinks & he’ll be on the level he should be as soon as the
    season starts. Just because he’s had trouble with injuries doesn’t mean he
    should baby himself. He has to get back on the court at some point.

  • 89ilovethisgame says:

    But playing with the USA team is not the best way to get the rythm?
    I mean, he doesn’t even have to play more than 20 minutes in THIS roster.

  • asr scriptlive says: derrick broke leg !!!! 

  • Tono A says:

    These Americans don’t have any pride in their country. No money equals
    pride for your country at every level.

  • KingATscopeZ says:

    And if derrick rose didn’t want to go world cup, they be like why isnt he,
    he should finally get out there for once. All this bullcrap I reckon let
    derrick rose win something please! Thats all he wants is winning world cup,
    championships, Olympics these are really important events

  • ASP2778 says: