Skip and Stephen A.’s Reaction to Mayweather – T.I. Brawl

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless give their reaction to brawl involving rapper T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas.

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  • Krishan Mistry says:

    Is there anyone that Stephen A. Smith doesn’t know? Claiming to know
    Mayweather’s bodyguards personally? haha!

  • grateful1 says:

    Stephen. What the HECK are you talking about?! It has NOTHING to do with
    They were heated, and they got into a fight. PERIOD.

  • BoxingConquistador says:

    Mayweather would wreck T.I.
    T.I didn’t even swing at him apparently, he just tried to run his mouth.
    Even Skip knows that Mayweather would honestly turn him into mash meat. TI
    needs to get counselling because his wife was there to celebrate with
    Floyd’s daughter. Insecure idiot. Next time Floyd should just jack him. 

  • 510MyTube says:

    Mayweather is fast but he’s not as fast when bullets fly. Just saying what
    a lot of people in here is thinking. 

  • friendlyfire53 says:

    God I can’t stand listening to Skip Bayless discuss race. He’s soooooo
    careful to make sure he’s in the morally superior position. He absolutely
    refuses to look objectively at issues concerning race. He think any use of
    the "N word" by a white man is just the most vile thing ever. And how the
    hell did we get on race anyway?!?!?

  • J RASSIX says:

    Floyd how do you feel about the Brawl with rapper T.I? " I feel i dominated
    and you can expect another 20 mil in the bank and it should be 20-80

  • Darne Harvey says:

    Floyd can’t fight outside the ring anyways in NV. He’s a prize fighter and
    his hands are considered lethal weapons. He’d get locked up. 

  • TheMr2face says:

    Control your Woman enough said lol 

  • Neil says:

    Bet any amount of money that T.I confronted Floyd like, "Now look here

  • Randy J says:

    He’ll swing at a professional boxer but won’t speak a word against Gucci
    man. Clifford Harris is one peculiar dude.

  • DaChampTV says:

    Why does anybody care about this??!!

  • The Lord Chief Rocka says:

    This topic had nothing to do with race, but of course Stephen A. did the
    usual and made it about race.

  • xCH0SEN1x says:

    Black Supremacist is OK in the eyes of America.
    White/Asian/Hispanics supremacists labeled as racists. I see how the world

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    Ti is brave for attempting to fight floyd lol 

  • Light Yagami says:

    TI knows mayfeather is a fraud 

  • Devon Hutton says:

    It’s illegal for floyd to fight outside of the ring anyway. 

  • Andréas Remis says:

    Where is this video?