Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith on Colin Kaepernick Criticized For Having Tattoos ESPN First Tak

Team SVA


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  • Relbl says:

    How is it so hard to understand? No one cares if athletes are all tatted up
    because they don’t do customer service – 70% of jobs in America ARE IN
    customer service. The average person out there doesn’t want to deal with or
    be sold to by someone covered in tats, straight up.

    If it’s your thing, good for you – but to me it is the same as not wanting
    to wear a hair net working in a kitchen or washing your hands after you
    piss; I’m just walking out the door and going somewhere else. If
    self-expression is more important to you than work then be an artist… but
    don’t make my sandwich or sell me some clothes.

  • Marina Lopez says:

    One of the best debates!