Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith and Larry Merchant on Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight ESPN First Take

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  • WeFreestyleForever says:

    2:03 Floyd who? 

  • jodge dela gracia says:

    They say mayweather is the best boxer because he’s a master of defense. Why
    not fight many?….. because PACMAN is the master of offense and he can’t
    deal with it that’s all ! hat’s on skip.

  • Malin Diaconu says:

    In the end Larry ( one of Floyds biggest haters) basically left away his
    own feelings and said Mayweather is VERY hard to beat. ( he should of said
    impossible imho but still says much about the fight).

  • pablo dela cruz says:

    a man holds a gun up to you and you say you aint afraid of the man but
    the gun and you run, truth is, it don’t matter if it the man or the gun,
    together they can kill ya, manny is the guy with gun (ability to beat him)
    and duckweather is running. It don’t matter if its the man or his weapons,
    fear is fear, scared is scared, ducking is ducking

  • Nuk Official says:

    here is the killer part that everybody is overlooking but so
    simple….Floyd offered Pacman $40 mil right? But Pacman was with Bob Arum
    at that time too but now all of a sudden Bob Arum is the reason he wont
    fight?? FOH Floyd ducked Pacman bottom line!

  • sigbinGA2wad says:

    I say stop buying Mayweather fights until Floyd fights Pacquaio. Simple as

  • lastuvthe says:

    Screw Duckweather and his slap and run marathons.

  • mark belangel says:

    gayweather is gay okey! all we need to do is stop watching all of his
    boring fight. now pacquaio ask him a charity match but where is he? i think
    a week past but no reaction from the gayweather. 

  • ireneo banta says:

    @Bryce Marco, I’m an asian and i love and admire black people. Example –
    Michael Jordan, as i believe he is the greatest basketball player ever. But
    never mistake asians, such as filipinos, as being jealous for we are not.
    In fact, we admire black people a lot. What we are just saying is that both
    fighters are really good and both of them should fight already while both
    are still on their prime, wouldn’t you agree? Filipinos don’t care who will
    win as both have achieved so much already in boxing. As I’ve said, we
    acknowledge Mayweather as really exceptional. But we also acknowledge
    pacquiao the same way because of his accomplishments. Mayweather as the
    undefeated, and a great defensive boxer while pacquiao as an 8 division
    title holder, coming from a super flyweight. The point of the matter is –
    their fight is what most, or all of the people want.

  • Allie Quinn says:

    I swear you people have a jealous obsession with wanting to see a black
    person lose to a non black person.

  • King Bee says:

    What would Mayweather have done in the 80’s when Sugar Ray Leonard, Wilfred
    Benitez, Aaron Pryor, Donald Curry, Thomas Hearns, Alexis Arguello, Roberto
    Duran, etc. were fighting? Duck them all and fight #12 contenders so he
    could stay undefeated? What about in the 90’s when guys like Oscar De La
    Hoya, Pernell Whitaker, Terry Norris, Felix Triniadad, Julio Cesar Chavez,
    Winky Wright, Meldrick Taylor and Shane Mosely were all in their prime?
    Duck them too? He’s so lucky to be fighting in this era. All he has to do
    is duck one guy to maintain his undefeated record and still be called
    great. He hasn’t had to prove himself against anyone and in my opinion, you
    have to beat someone great in order to achieve greatness. 

  • reyg g says:

    Wow I really thought Larry merchant will take side of manny winning the
    fight but wow I was shock and impress that everything he says is everything
    I would say too wow 

  • triplecheesemac says:

    I agree with Stephen A Smith about why we keep buying Mayweather fights if
    he doesnt give us what we want. 

  • Solowizard says:

    I agree with everything Larry Merchant said on this show.

  • mandb1912 says:

    Im with skip pacmans my man