Spencer vs Fifa | ACCUMULATE WORLD CUP Ep1

William Hill World Cup offer: http:goo.glI6VvSr. Subscribe: http:bit.lysubSPEN | http:twitter.comSpencerOwen. I try to predict the results from 1st round of World Cup games. I also…

Team SVA


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  • James Gavaghan says:

    Fifa doesn’t like teams scoring more than 2!

  • jack hunter says:

    nice one hope it comes in for you would be sick

  • Fifa Josh says:

    R u the fifa playa

  • AntFragHD says:

    We (Greeks) might win against Colombia since many of their players are
    injured, but in the game they are not. So we have a huge chance for the
    first 3 points!

  • scoby says:

    Argentina will win

  • ManUnited123 says:

    I don’t get it. If it does happen how will you give us 4 million? 

  • Aaron Pascal says:

    FIFA Playa v Fifa :)

  • Aciidz Flamez says:

    Mandzukic is suspended for the Brazil game fifa. 

  • speshguy72 says:

    Great series idea!!!

  • Nick28T says:

    Such a good series idea Spence. Love it. 

  • swiggityMatt says:

    No way. I think Germany will DOMINATE Portugal, especially because Ronaldo
    isn’t playing. Germany dominates them in every way, defense, attack, etc.

  • ChrisGotSkillzz says:

    1:43 "So without further a jew"

    Err what? xD

  • Yaya Toure says:

    I like this, not spamming us with pack openings 

  • TheFantasilioners says:

    Italy to win

  • Jabba Dahut says:

    Are you the fifa playa?

  • J4MES44Gaming says:

    How do you do this way of Fifa simulation?

  • Sid Iyer says:

    That’s actually a really good idea. What would u give urself if you won

  • Spencer FC says:

    Remember guys, as I explain in the video, the Fifa simulations were done
    with default squads so there are a few people playing that won’t play in
    real life. I’ll try my best to update squads for next episode :-)

  • Wilfried says:

    Loving your originality on this channel, not just pack openings all the
    time like most fifa youtubers do, you actually keep it interesting :)

  • Jacob White says:

    Since you’ve taken over this channel I’ve been enjoying it much more! Great
    series, love the idea, forever blowin soon?

  • Svartovich says:

    +Spencer FC I hope you have only made Fifa Playas videos private, and you
    plan to put them up again. It’s really annoying that we can’t see old
    videos, for example the first episodes of the West Ham career mode.

  • Spencer FC says:

    Hope you like this idea guys! It comes from a series I first started on my
    other channel a long time ago – Spencer vs Fifa 14 – Accumulate Ep3

  • Jelle De Bock says:

    Belgium will win!!!

  • Spencer FC says:

    NEW VIDEO: Spencer vs Fifa – World Cup Accumulator Challenge…who will
    guess the most correct results?