Sports Video Analysis: Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers will beat the Warriors

Can Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers beat today’s Golden State Warriors? Before watching Magic Johnson comment, watch this first:

The post game interview of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green after the blowout win over Cleveland Cavaliers on Game 2.

As you see, Klay Thompson interject as Draymond explained the greatest team of all time, as Klay light up the room jokingly saying, “We are better than Showtime Lakers”. Klay by the way, was the son of Mychal Thompson – a member of the Showtime Lakers in the early 80’s that was composed of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott and Michael Cooper etc.

To add insult, Mychal Thompson seems like to agree with his son as quoted during the podcast. Mychal agree what Klay said I agree with, mainly because of two things.

“Their defense, their team defense, is as good as ours was. They really play great team defense. And No. 2, three – point – shooting. We shot eight (threes) a game, they shoot eight a quarter. So if we played them, they would outscore us 50-15 in threes. Now do the math from there.”

This stoke the fire more on Magic Johnson who went to tweet,

Not contented, Magic called in the ESPN First Take show as you can watch the video below.

Warriors beat Showtime Lakers

(Klay with father Mychal Thompson via usatoday)

Team SVA


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