Stephen A. General Hospital Surprise

First Takes Stephen A. Smith gets a surprise appearance from Sonny Corinthos a.k.a. actor Maurice Bernard from ABCs General Hospital.

Team SVA


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  • afropick93 says:

    anyone else a fan of stephen a’s laugh? haahaha

  • Gaurav Arora says:

    It only took 2 Q’s for Stephan A Smith to guess. 

  • Carlton Clare says:

    Just lost man points 

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    That moment when Stephen A. got totally surprised from one of his fav soap
    opera characters. 

  • 10Elmer10 says:

    If SF didn’t have Kaepernick they don’t go up 10-0 in the 1st quarter.

  • Eric Tarentino says:

    I’m surprised skip didn’t bring up Jordan and Kobe

  • best world says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Sonny looks like Alberto del rio? Lol

  • DaChampTV says:

    Alberto Del Rio!!!!

  • Danielle Gordon says:

    lol Stephen A!

  • dlawson688 says:

    awesome good stuff!!

  • Marco Clarke says:

    Lml I’m not gonna lie because of my mom’s I watch General Hospital and
    Sunny is my boy

  • TheLivewire18 says:

    "who is fine….."

  • projectdarc says:

    Stephan A. watches soap operas?! What?

  • Everett Martell says:

    Stephen A Smith is the biggest rider in all of television. First its KD
    pulling up from 30 to bosh to Aaron rogers now this sonny guy.

  • TheOoze06 says:

    I never even heard of, General Hospital

  • plot000000 says:

    it’s always great to see someone get so happy 

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    Who would watch that show? They have 51 seasons that have been aired so far?


  • Isaac Harper says:

    Lmfao this dude Stephen A. Smith was screaming like a 40 yr old woman lol

  • DrkInf says:

    Stephen A. is a beast… Damn I love me some General Hospital.

  • r3nd0s says:

    LOL, I haven’t seen Stephen A Smith so happy.

  • James Kerr says:

    they should bring someone skip likes like tebow

  • damianp98 says:

    Lmao, that last line from Stephen had me laughing 

  • LegendaryEA says:

    LMFAO! never seen stephan a so happy