Stephen A.: I Don’t Agree With Deion Sanders’ Poor Choice of Words

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Deion Sanders comment that Johnny Manziel has "ghetto tendencies."

Team SVA


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  • G Weekes says:

    Lol the first minute of this interview are exactly what SNL makes fun of

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    Discussing Deion Sanders comment that Johnny Manziel has "ghetto

  • GH3TTO R1CHIE RICH says:

    Deion should have said Jonny has swagger not that he is ghetto cause he

  • Reynaldo Peña says:


  • Event Horizon Productions says:

    Believing that racism is more rampant than it is prevents racism from
    becoming less rampant than it is.

  • IamMrMatt says:

    Stephen A. Smith has to be one of the worst people on T.V. It amazes me
    ESPN still employs this clown. 

  • Anti lotso says:

    So now Johnny football is Jewish? lmao

  • Darius Mitchell says:

    "Ghetto" was a term invented in Europe for the conditions for the Jews 

  • Willie HavMire says:

    ya’ll notice how they get stephen A to *translate* and clean up for every
    kneegrow that misspeaks in sports these days??? 

  • bosox3004 says:

    Jay pharaoh was on point

  • katra says:

    Why do people keep hyping up unproven guys before they even play a single
    game in the NFL. I mean its astronomical the amount of hype certain dudes
    get and they never live up to it.

  • jermaine johnson says:

    While swag (which is ultimately what there talking about) isn’t only
    synonymous with the underdeveloped black communities of America (ghetto),
    it’s certainly where it is most recognized. Which is why I don’t have a
    problem with Deons choice of words. He was spot on! They (football
    conservatives with a voice) look at Johnny just like one of those kids
    from the ghetto who is extremely confident and not seeking the loquacious
    football conservative for approval yet has achieved popularity through
    the culture tied to the black community but against the standards set by
    conservative football minds that make up a-lot of the important voices of
    the media. So You have a swagged out white quarterback who plays the
    position like a brotha and not in the traditional since the way white
    QB’s have played the position from the beginning It’s like that style of
    play attitude and culture is limited to the black QB and the football
    conservatives don’t want little white kids looking at Johnny’s success and
    saying that’s how I wanna play the QB position So the Conservative football
    heads who have a voice are doing what they can before this kid hits the
    field to let him and America know his style attitude and way of playing the
    game is not accepted at the leading position in football which is only
    going to make him more popular with in the rebellious Hip Hop community.
    Deon was just being blunt while abandoning all politics and I love it. Go
    Johnny!! Play and act the way that makes you comfortable. The QB is a tough
    position and if that’s how you choose to handle it, do it long as you
    remain respectful as a human being, nothing else matters. It’s football for
    crying out-loud! Not the presidential candidacy, Oh crap we touched that
    too, boy conservative white America is sick right now., Oh well!

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    Much Love!!!

  • Adam Aranda says:

    Wow, Im pretty sure Stephen A read into that WAY wrong 

  • ReeseTheComedian says:

    My boy Deion just took us back a couple years

  • popcrnshower says:

    Jesus Christ everything is so PC now

  • PaullHutchh says:

    I respect Stephens point of view.