Stephen A. Smith Explains Kobe’s Take on Trayvon Martin

Stephen A. Smith just got off the phone with Kobe Bryant, so hes able to speak to the controversy surrounding Kobes comments about Trayvon Martin, and the …

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  • JT Jeanry says:

    Stephen A., Arsenio; you both are working on your ratings, not actuality!

  • lovejangie1 says:

    Stephen A Smith did a better job explaining Kobe Bryant’s comments than
    Kobe did himself.

  • Alex Castillo says:

    Very well put Stephen A. Smith; much respect sir!

  • Flex5445 says:

    They are trying to divide and conquer! And if you are not paying attention
    you can fall for it! They understand black people are waking up by the
    thousands, so they enlist the bogoreius negros they have afforded

  • SmokeScreen1975 says:

    It’s real tough being black in America. You have to tiptoe around racially
    sensitive questions so you won’t be deemed a sell-out. You can’t be
    successful in life without someone saying, "you think you’re better than
    me." You can’t be articulate without someone saying, "you’re trying to act
    white." You can only hang around black people, only vote Democrat, and
    support everything that anyone black does or else you’re an outcast. Kobe
    was asked a question, he answered it as open and honestly as he could, and
    now there is a firestorm coming down on him from the black community. I
    guess you would rather him be dishonest and say, "it’s cool what the Heat
    are doing," or shout, "no justice, no peace," as was done on the courthouse

  • Rex Crouch says:


  • SLIP NORRIS says:

    This is the problem with black people is there emotional reactions to
    things. If you want to fight injustices or give your opinion on things.
    Then you should be level minded and think it out and resolve it
    accordingly. Yelling, getting mad or violence isn’t the right way to deal
    with issues.

  • Diana Williams says:

    Ignoring facts based on what race a person is, makes us disingenuous
    (Tawana Brawley, OJ Simpson, Trayvon Martin). Good for Stephen A. Smith
    and Arsenio Hall for raising this issue.

  • adyingshadow says:

    we’ve come a long way in society? really? because as far as i know there
    are still ignorant black people

  • Grant Crockett says:

    Listen to this.

  • xNED37x says:

    I don’t agree with Stephen A. on many things but I definitely agree with
    him on this. Before jumping to conclusions, you need to know the facts. 

  • Doefella718 says:

    Typical race baiting black folk brainwashed by sharpton tactics unable to
    take a neutral stance … 

  • Jonathan Brown says:

    I think the points Stephen Smith makes can and should be applied to all
    people regardless of race. We should all strive to find common ground, deal
    in the facts and truth with reason, patience and logic. Remove emotion
    from the equation and things become clearer.


    His parents had to fight to get this man arrested the teenager did not have
    a gun ,he claim the teenager jumped him and beat him .After the trail he
    put him self up to do boxing but he had to shoot this teenager ,hummmm!

  • The Arsenio Hall Show says:

    Stephen A. Smith just got off the phone with Kobe Bryant, so he’s able to
    speak to the controversy surrounding Kobe’s comments about Trayvon Martin,
    and the role of facts versus emotions.

  • jermaine johnson says:

    Yeah but in 2004 we (the black community) jumped to Kobe’s defense when
    that white woman accused him of rape before we heard the facts released in
    court. Kobe welcomed that support with open arms. Kobe didn’t say before
    you rush to support my claims that it was consensual sex not rape you need
    to hear the facts first. No he just said thanks for all the support. So
    Trayvon Martins family deserves that same support. Kobe also used the race
    card in his defense saying white women have always accused black athletes
    of those crimes. The outrage lies not only with his insensitivity to the
    situation but his well developed case of amnesia regarding that same
    support that he says we shouldn’t give Trayvon Martin even though he
    accepted it when he was on the wrong end of a serious crime with racial
    undertones. The fact is Kobe’s comments are irrelevant because the American
    public will always make a decision or judgement about the information
    reported. Based on whats being reported. It doesn’t matter the race!
    Opinions, decisions,and judgments from the public will always be given and
    then reshaped as the evidence continues to come forward. It’s just the way
    it is. So for Kobe to say don’t run to someone’s side because of race, is
    beside the point, because no reporter just says "white man shot black boy"
    there is always some information to go on so while race may play a part in
    some incidents it’s rarely the determining factor of the initial decision
    and forth coming evidence always shapes the lasting impressions. Amazingly
    after all the facts have come out the black community is still in outrage!
    As I’m sure white people are still in outrage about O.J. Simpson double
    murder trial. 

  • Deago says:

    He is right , and our current leaders ? We dont have any the government
    kills all our real leaders and they create fake robot ones for us , like
    sharpton ,jesse jackson ,oprah ,jay z , condelleza,the president, etc etc 

  • WookieeMonster says:

    Some intelligent, measured points here. Good to hear it from someone in
    the media pointing out that no one should allow themselves to get caught up
    in the moment and let their emotions rule them.

  • Moviefan2k4 says:

    Thank you, Jesus! Someone finally gets the truth about situations like
    this. I agree 100% with Stephen Smith’s comments; everyone should get all
    the facts BEFORE jumping to conclusions. All the hype over Trayvon Martin
    and George Zimmerman stems from the same mentality that turned the 2003
    Michael Jackson trial into a circus; the media cares far more about money
    than truth.

  • lou lun says:

    You Kneegrows should listen to this and stop letting Sharpton twist your