Stephen A. Smith Goes In On Tiny For Putting Her Husband T.I. On Blast Mayweather Vs T.I Brawl!

Stephen A. Smith Goes In On Tiny For Putting Her Husband T.I. On Blast After Floyd Mayweather Vs T.I Brawl! Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss Floyd Mayweather brawling in Vegas, at a…

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  • bobby johnson says:

    Churchhhhh! Stephen A.

  • Jamiel says:

    Peach it Stephen A. Smith!!! 


    Cari is the definition of a Black woman that only cares about herself and
    will exploit her family on social networks lmao

  • smoothcollected says:

    This broad is exactly why black dudes are dating outside the race

  • greg knox says:

    Feminism is ruining the black community. Its the real reason why the black
    family structure is failing.

  • kdeezo326 says:

    I agree with Stephen A 100% That woman is typical. Such a lame excuse for

  • Joshua Albury says:

    Talk to em Stephen A. He’s educating people! Way to check Cari also, she
    talks too damn much when it’s unwanted as if this is her show.

  • Zedric Tucker says:

    strange noises after 6:40 sounds like clapping almost?

  • MisfitMROWW says:


  • bangshang49 says:

    Loyalty is everything!!!! 

  • Jason Cabrales says:

    Cari is annoying she needs to play her position and ZIP IT! 



  • Ubong Ekpo says:

    ugh cari is sooo annoying, defending that bum rat tiny

  • Tahmar Gaither says:

    Cari being a typical woman defending Tiny smh. You don’t go on twitter
    talking about family issues.

  • Kflash3782 says:

    Tiny and that female host are hood-rats that do more harm than good to

  • SportsEntertainment says: