Stephen A. Smith Goes Off on New York Knicks

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss how bad the New York Knicks have performed this NBA season.

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  • eggwhiteonly says:

    James Dolan is addicted to losing..LOL

  • hendlyrose says:

    We will make the playoffs 2014-2015

  • Adam McBride says:

    Makes me appreciate spurs org a lot more.

  • MrYodi2007 says:

    Triple Double since 1979? Uh David Robinson would love to talk to you since
    HE’s THE LAST PLAYER to get a Quadruple Double! on 2-17-1994! 

  • JaySmoke203 says:

    Knicks will come back#knicksnation

  • Gym Leader Fern says:

    Since 1979? Oh please

  • B. Entringer says:

    Knicks are terrible since 90s. Even in 1999 at Finals they were 8th place.
    That was a miracle. After that its all crap.

  • Brentcala says:

    Sports fans add me on Kik @bc_strikes for trash talking!

  • L.E.S. White says:

    The Knicks tears make me smile :-D

  • austin cuello says:

    carmelo is going to the lakers hope

  • RedSee says:

    no wonder I don’t watch this…

  • brian ho says:

    Stephen A smith said that noah was the first center to get a triple-double
    since the 70’s.
    But really that was actually Joakim Noah’s second one of the season at the

  • tu madre says:

    Phil will change this opinion homie. Real knicks fan agree but still
    believe. Sorry buddy. 

  • Kay B says:

    How about you eat your words Mr Smith? You failed to mention how no matter
    what they do, they are force-fed recycled old-timers with stacked contracts
    as "new draft" choices, and still after all of this…..they went on to win
    EIGHT straight games BEFORE gaining Phil Jackson. I’m a die hard Knick fan
    for life…win, lose or draw. 

  • Prior22 says:

    that black woman is just as useless as robin quivers. black women in the
    media are awful.

  • Chris Hunter says:

    Hakeem had a Quadruple DXL

  • Lunabeam Gaming says:


  • Jaymzofsteel says:

    This is NOTHING. You guys shoulda heard him a few years ago during starbury
    and all of that trash. It was on his radio show and it was such a tirade
    and so fierce that i almost felt bad for the Knicks. Almost. They made me
    sick that year and they make me sick now. And really there is nothing that
    can be done to fix it.

  • TheGamer2323 says:

    I still remember like a year ago when Knicks fans thought they could beat
    the Heat in the playoffs LOL

  • GRIFF says:

    always gotta be the white man’s fault?

  • Kyle Williams says:

    You know what’s even worse for the Knicks… They have no future. I mean,
    they barely have any draft picks, they only have ONE young prospect they
    can build off of (Tim Hardaway Jr), and their owner is a complete lunatic!

    New York is in a big mess. It’ll be a good 3 or 4 years before they get
    their act together. Oh, and Melo is going to Chicago… Write it down now.