Stephen A Smith Goes Off on New York Knicks

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss how bad the season has been for the New York Knicks Not affiliated with the NBA or any of its par…

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  • TheUnfriendlyGhost1 says:

    I agree with Stephen when he says they set up Woodson to fail. He’s a
    pretty decent coach, but with the material he was given, he was just set up
    to fail.

  • ajmalbehsudi says:

    First time since 1979? didn’t javale mcgee have a triple double a couple of
    years ago? last time i checked hes a center too……

  • Dijon Swinton says:

    This seriously funny! I mean like I definitely agree with everything u guys

  • allasar says:

    They are on a winning streak now though, and knowing the Knicks will even
    make the playoffs. 

  • UriGuttmanProduction says:

    i think he is wrong about saying that joakim noah is the first center to
    get a triple double since 1979 cause javale mcgee and possibly andrew bynum
    got triple doubles a couple years ago

  • WilloPR says:

    Knicks are 5-0 so far…. Thank you Stephen A. :)

  • NYC Baller says:

    I agree with Smith, Coach Woody was set up to fail. He was given a very
    flawed roster, no coach in the NBA could turn the knicks into a title
    contender, the knicks are not a good mix of players.

  • Clayton Keirns says:

    Cari Champion is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • AJ Wong says:

    This Stephen a sjit surely can talk rubbish. Have to give him credit for
    that. Ewing stayed for money as well if i have to believe this. Or did his
    love for Knicks goes beyond his personal success? 

  • Vt31008 says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • toyin71 says:

    Carmelo Anthony is my favorite player, i really don’t want to see him waste
    more time in New York, PLEASE go to the bulls or maybe back the Nuggets

  • Keith Testaverde says:

    This is so true. Dole needs to wake up and focus on winning or melo is
    going to leave

  • Dac Tucker says:

    I apologize, for blowing up the message board, but James Dolan is a
    slumlord. He owns a piece of high-price real estate, and he relies on
    Knick fans and media deals, to pay his rent. He doesn’t fix it up, he
    doesn’t invest in a quality product. He just refurbishes the exterior of
    MSG, while allowing rats to infest the interior. He’s a billionaire
    slumlord punk, who happens to own a NBA franchise. Smack him, if you see

  • 33kalam says:

    Fire dolan!!!!!!

  • Dac Tucker says:

    Let’s keep it real here. The Knicks started sucking after they signed Allen
    Houston to a max contract way back in 2001. The dysfunction of the Knicks
    organization has been going on for well over a decade.

    Rebuild? They can’t rebuild because the rot starts at the top. Remember
    the Isiah years? For reasons which I will NEVER understand, the Knicks
    are somehow the most valuable NBA franchise. Dolan will milk this cow dry
    before he ever decides to put winning team together.

  • Dac Tucker says:

    PREACH IT, Stephen A.

  • luis rodriguez says:

    I Don’t know what the knicks will do this off-season but they have to do
    something quick before the Knicks Superstar Carmelo Anthony leaves the MSG.
    I agree with Skip Bayless

  • GaZaGaming says:

    I dont’ even know what happend to the New York Knicks. They have injury’s
    but still they are lacking pride or heart. Stephen A. Smith I hope You the
    best of luck with this team. Carmelo Anthony is leaving and the disaster
    will continue for the New York Knicks. I’ve seen videos about them and they
    do not look like an NBA team

  • TheNBACommunityHD says: