Stephen A Smith insults white women and ESPN removes his testicles on national TV

This week, Stephen A. Smith made controversial remarks about domestic violence. ESPN then forced him to apologize in a recorded and rehearsed segment.

Team SVA


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  • kupcakek1 says:

    Oh Lord……please don’t offend a white woman!!! You are right Dr.
    Watkins they will quickly remind you negroes that even if we give you
    certain jobs, we run this, not you negroes! Dr. Watkins we are in a many
    cases our biggest enemies……..sad but true. I know you had the best of
    intentions and still caught hell. I deal with this quite often! It really
    comes down to this black people are not free……we are still TRULY
    enslaved without the chains…..that’s a fact and not an opinion!

  • chitizzle says:

    Stephen A. got his nuts clipped and hasn’t been the same since he might as
    well quit what made the show good was Smith and Bayless were pure to
    themselves but now it’s sad to see, (but he was very wrong about the Rice
    and DV situation)

  • 531greyghost says:

    You are dead wrong on this. If you have daughters do not ever let them
    ever think a man should never hit a woman under any circumstances. A woman
    hits a man she deserves all the beating that can be delivered to her.
    never let a woman ever think a man won’t beat her for hitting him.

  • Genie Lamp says:

    What happened when Whoopie Goldberg said it? NOTHING!

  • Wormanatti says:

    I agreed with Stephen A comments on 1st Take. He should not be responsible
    for other people sensitivities. Just about everyone in media took his
    statement totally out of context. I did however lose so much respect for
    him back pedaling, joshing & laying down for these people. First Take is an
    opinionated show. If he can’t be honest about the reality that woman do &
    can provoke men. Well I don’t want to hear him or Skip talk negatively
    about athletes ability to play sports.

  • vaughanchattman says:

    Really I believe Mr.Smith falls under A topic discussed in Hidden Colors
    III… Brothers get a little piece of the pie and its screw the rest of us
    while breaking your neck to please the dominate Society

  • MegaFELIPE48 says:

    Here’s the bottom line and it is quite simple: Black Men must learn self
    control in what they say and what they do beacause if not, there will be
    consequences and if you don’t believe me, try yelling FIRE in a crowded
    theater and see what happens,

  • Anita Rolle says:

    Understand what thoughts you express. What about offending Black women? The
    network does not care if Black women are offended? Not that Black women
    believe that even if men are provoked the should physically strike them.
    You spoke with young black women that have a totally different POV clearly.
    But older women not teenagers or young women in their 20’s understand that
    no man provoked or not should beat up a woman. The fact the white
    management rule the show, that happens in most people’s lives that are
    employed. Those in power call the shots. The trick is to play the game and
    take the vocal platform you have an express yourself and educate and give
    food for thought to all people on racial topics or feminist ones or
    otherwise. As best you can. And if this is not possible, how can Black
    folks empower themselves in order to speak freely and honestly without any
    reprocussions? Why not use BET OR TV ONE to do this? Why do you not like
    BET? There has got to be some way there can be a change. What do you

  • dapunisher1000 says:

    don’t people know the only group that benefited from the civil rights era
    was white women…..

  • Jennifer VanBuskirk says:

    August 4, 2014, Having a lot of Sexual Intercourse when a
    Person is NOT Married to only one person is called IMMORAL and
    it is a Horrible SIN………And that is a bad SIN among the
    Negroes and the Black Race of People mostly……..!!!! The
    "White" Race usually are Married more than in the Black

  • watermane2 says:

    Stephen A. Smith is a

  • blackfirst says:

    You respect Steven A Smith?How can you have respect for a coon who throws
    his own people under the bus,so he could get some brownie points from white

  • mckenley mason says:

    A woman could get away with what Stephen A said on ESPN’s First Take.
    That’s why he can get away with saying what he said about black people.

  • Rob Rich says:

    Brother you spoke the truth and nothing but the truth, But I personally
    feel like they teach you in kinda garden that if you hit expect to be hit
    back. So keep your hands to yourself women. Now what I said doesn’t give
    life to the men that hit women for no odd reason but if she hits me im
    hitting her azz back, probably not hard as she’s trying to hit me bit
    ohhhhhh yes her azz is getting hit back. See if she brings lightning im
    bringing thunder. You can feel that lightning but thunder will only shake
    you up a Lil bit. ……lolol

  • stlouisvillecards says:

    Given that Ray Rice’s wife is NOT white how did Stephen A Smith insult
    white women and how did this, obviously, educated individual make such a
    ridiculous leap of logic?
    I’m curious, also, how you being a black man, neither of which (skin tone
    and gendery) you had any control over to begin with constitute a bigger
    deal than being a professor at a major university? Did someone give you the
    education and position because you’re a black man or did you have to work
    for them?

  • わさびオレンジ says:

    This reminded me of the sheriff in The Color Purple, when he pistol whipped
    Ms. Sofia at the gas station, because she got out of line with em white

  • Nate Davis says:

    COWARD is WHAT he is. Sometimes you have to take a STAND and not SUBMIT for

  • david lott says:

    Jim crow 2014 for those who know what Jim crow is and was back in the early
    the 1900’s. Certain rules and regs for certain people/individuals. 

  • Jacc Trippa says:

    this is a really good video. however, i am going to say, respectfully, i
    disagree with certain things.

    the only reason yall disrespect black men like that is because your white
    daddy is going to always be there to back up your poor decisions. they gone
    back you up in that courtroom and the media everytime.. if im lying, then
    tell me how a casino with thousands of cameras has no public record of the
    incidents? all you see is the results.
    now, these are the rules, and ima leave it here. yall dont lay your hands
    on us, and we wont lay your hands on you.

  • kofi123amed says:

    You are acting like a pahtetic race baiter. Im black, and i hate people
    like you who are quick to make everything a race issue. 

  • Algemein Kriegsmaschine says:

    I’ve never had a man hit me, and I will not upset him or do things to him
    to the point of where he would. And if I do hit a man I do expect to get
    hit back. Women should not be given a "card" to do what ever we want and if
    the man reacts to it we act surprised. That’s like teasing a pitbull and
    being surprised when he bites.

  • Boyce Watkins says: