Stephen A. Smith Issues Apology For Comments on Domestic Violence – ESPN First Take

ESPNs Stephen A. Smith issues an apology for comments he made on Fridays "First Take" regarding Ray Rice and domestic violence. UPDATE: ESPN personality St…

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  • MrIn Urhead says:

    Why the hell is he apologizing he didn’t say anything wrong. It’s true some
    females (not all) but some females do provoke it.

  • chris marris says:

    Apology? For what? He did not do anything wrong!

  • Stoner Simpson says:

    I don’t think he said anything wrong. 

  • mike tyson says:

    Steve a smith got no pride. I would of let them fired me. 

  • Michael Reed says:

    i have no respect for ESPN producers, making him apologize for something he
    didnt say. these feminist are out of control

  • Luis Rojas says:

    I lost respect for Stephen A Smith. He didn’t stick to his guns. To call
    this his worst mistake ever. Pleeeeaaaase. They gave him. You apologize or
    else? Deal. 

  • Devan Hale says:

    he shouldnt even b apologizing he told the truth

  • Zion Pruden says:

    People need to stop badgering him he said he is sorry and he means it

  • fabricio piotto says:


  • Sorapong Thaimusic says:

    usa hahaha and yet u make fun of russia and china about freedom speech u
    have to apologize for everything if some idiot doesnt like

  • Jonetta Worthy says:

    I don’t normally comment but I DONT AGREE WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.. But as a
    woman I understood what he was getting at. As a woman I KNOW women can
    SOMETIMES provoke men. When we should walk away and man will tell us to
    leave him alone. SOME woman will keep poking and nagging and jabbing until
    a man knock the hell out of them. A man could be walking away and they will
    kick them hit them in the head punch them call them all types of negative
    names… I’m just saying IN NOWAY IS IT RIGHT TO HIT A WOMAN but as a women
    women and they will tell u this but it’s never talked about and

  • Maurice Williams says:

    Domestic Violence is wrong but one thing i will say Lady you know you can’t
    beat a man so do not hit him first and then say it was Domestic Violence
    because Legally Ray Rice was right for defending himself but Morally he was
    wrong for hitting a weaker human.

  • Jason Thompson says:

    "MEN ON STRIKE" by Helen Smith, PhD…..this is a must read for anyone
    tired of being manipulated by the feminist system. A woman wrote it and she
    spoke out on our behalf. It’s enlightening, educating and I think First
    Take would benefit from reading it before they allowed Stephen A to be
    publically castrated for having a viable opinion that dared stating the

  • itscork says:

    I agree with Stephen A Smith about 50% of the time.
    But to hear him apologize for this ridiculousness is beyond me.
    Political correctness is strangling our country. 

  • Madeline Jones says:

    I appreciate the apology because all women do not provoke the situation. I
    am a former woman of abuse, this is my story.

  • jackson7177 says:

    Typical Black dude I bet 70% of blacks beat there woman an say she started
    it LMAO

  • Sam Tipton says:

    Waaaat,Mr.Articulation didn’t "Articulate" something right!?!?

  • Sexytranny28 says:

    Stephen a Smith needs to be fired because he meant what he said… And all
    you bastard men on here saying he said nothing wrong you are probably
    abusing women but the Most High God got something for you nasty bastard…
    you are now DISMISSED


  • pjeezymane says:

    The man made Stephen A apologize

  • TJAY JONES says:

    Man I am sicken at the fact that a person can no longer be real in this
    world without taking some kind of criticism or labeled racist. The fact
    that Stephen A smith had to go on national TV and apologize for his point
    of view disgust me. Have we gotten so sensitive as a society that a human
    being can’t have an opinion outside the status quo? Does everything have to
    be so vanilla? I literally got sick to my stomach watching Stephen A
    apologize. If that what it take to have a successful career in broadcasting
    then I rather continue to be small fish in the sea. Just sad.