Stephen A. Smith Loses it Over the New York Knicks – ESPN First Take

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Los Angeles Lakers win over the New York Knicks. Stephen A. Smith Loses it Over the New York Knic…

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  • Gordontrek says:

    Sometimes I feel like the professional as well as personal relationship
    between Skip and Steven A is deteriorating painfully. Steven has talked
    about wanting to ban Skip from sports TV. Goes to show how arguing over
    sports can turn grown men into immature enemies. 

  • thierry thomas says:

    He went OFF !!!!!!! 

  • Vera Ramirez says:

    Stephen will go 2 another game thus season they going 2 make da playoffs 8

  • Majin Khan says:

    Stephan A. Smith`s reaction at 3:54 is priceless lmao 

  • shay81002 says:

    skip just needed to say: " well said". 

  • Kerry Jackson says:

    Soon as skip started talking I lost interest

  • NcBaLL3r says:

    I knew this was coming I saw the tweet

  • Matthew Mighty says:

    I lost it at the Steve Blake reference xD LOLOL