Stephen A. Smith on Ryen Russillo

ESPNs Stephen A. Smith offers his thoughts on Ryen Russillos preparations for the Celebrity All-Star Game.

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  • Justin Case says:

    Y’all have to know this is an inside joke. Anybody who doesn’t is an idiot.
    Russillo , van pelt, and Stephen a all know it.
    Listen to the shows and you would be laughing as hard as me.
    First take and svp + russillo 4 life

  • Will Shaw says:

    id take russillo +5 over SAS

  • Jorel Byssainthe says:

    It’s entertainment folks, just entertainment

  • The Truth says:

    If you go out there and stink up the joint !!! Lmao this guy

  • nicholashulbert says:

    This guy is an idiot and a racist.

  • Thomas H says:


  • chaos6192003 says:

    who actually listens to this pompous over-inflated windbag?!..wonder if he
    the guts to go to Chicago and make the comments he did about the
    Blackhawks…he needs to drilled hard into the center ice at the Madhouse
    on Madison! Douchebag!!

  • michael andrews says:

    he has 2 points so far. come on ryen!!!! hahahaha

  • Abayomi Aregbesola says:

    LMAO… This S**** is TOO FUNNY!!!!

  • kimchimonkey says:

    Stephen A. Smith let me tell you! Ryen Russillo NBA Today Legend true baller