Stephen A Smith rips Kwame Brown

Lakers trade Brown for Gasol, Smith call for celebration All property belongs to the NBA.

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  • KidFrostyy says:

    dude gasol came to the lakers balling, that was a great trade´╗┐

  • Jorge L. Celis says:

    There was no better way to put it, way to go S.A.S, BUT you forgot to say
    "…this n***a…"´╗┐

  • Kmac LA says:

    Best moment from Stephen A Smith was this!!


    man i tll you stephen a smith makes me laugh

  • bengaliboy121 says:

    This is hilarious!!!!!

  • YoogiNation says:

    "This man was a bonafide scrub!" LMAO!

  • ImTonyBlair1 says:

    They gave up kwameee brown!!! Who cares!!? Lmao

  • leviking32 says:

    i think he is saying kwame brown is spider reko

  • Nicrocks13 says:

    Haha yes!