Stephen A. Smith Says Floyd Mayweather Will Destroy Manny Pacquiao

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are joined at the debate desk by Michael Rapaport to discuss who will be victorious if Floyd Mayweather J…

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  • joker3117nk says:

    how about plus you mr Stephen and MaynEver both on the ring ovEr Pacman
    Paqcuiao, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,hah. can you be both managed to scape to shield
    your gloves over Pacman 101 dalmatians punches. he’s got more Energy and
    Power to trigger you more 101 dalmatians punches. yah, you maybe. specially
    maynevEr master to defend on counter punches by dancing and dancing on the
    ring. if maynEver manage to dance to skip on Paqcuiao 100 punches, and
    only 1 solid is needed to trow you out on the ring. like what Bradley did,
    he manage to scaped Pacman 101 Dalmatians punches, and another reserved
    more 101 dalmatians punches by Paqcuaio. and after the fight is ovER,
    Bradley at his age compare to Floyd age, he was 100% tired occampanied by
    his two helper on quarters room, he can’t walk normal, and needs a
    wheelchair even if there is no knockout. thats what Pacman stamina Energy’s
    and Power on boxing.

  • shun ichi avergonzado says:

    mayweather will ko pacquiao? cant even ko alvarez, cant even put robert
    guererro down in the canvas and now pacman? wooaah

  • Billy dontspieonme says:

    Love Stephan a smith always shreads

  • erwin damot says:


  • 2HAYLOR1 says:

    Ortiz don’t count as a knock out hitting a dude that wasn’t looking ready
    apologizing. Don’t think it counts.

  • cbere57 says:

    I will be so glad to see pacman get whooped,so these none watching boxing
    idiots will shut up!

  • Jacob C says:

    With today’s performance enhancing drugs out there, age really isn’t an
    issue. I guarantee 100% that these guys know that the top level athletes
    take stuff yet it’s funny how they sidestep that during conversations of

  • Henri Goh says:

    Destroy manny? Hes been dodging this fight for years We will never know but
    gotta acknowledge they were both beasts its gonna be the fight of the
    decade but cmon manny isnt getting any younger Floyd as boxer you owe the
    boxing world this fight for the fans

  • Paul Espiridion says:

    Fight will never happen 

  • sironen24 says:

    and floyd has brittle hands. if he wasnt on his peds he would have less

  • Jeff Declein Alejaga says:

    common !! freaking gayweather is gay hahahaha !!1

  • quantumzgotmm says:

    Mayweather would destroy Pacquiao 

  • Nick Smolinski says:

    I think Michael was getting on Stephen A. nerves

  • Joe Marra says:

    1 of floyds signature punches is his fast straight right hand, bradley
    executed it in the beginning rounds… bradley also moved a lot causing
    manny to be more unaccurate with his punches, i think floyd would, in his
    own way, be a moving target, use the straight like bradley did and be a lot
    more disciplined than bradely and be a harder puncher… I think floyd
    would win but it wont be easy cause Manny can rattle you with one punch

  • Michael Cox says:

    Steven A is talking the truth 

  • Bruddah J says:

    Steven a really likes manny, he just has to root for his people

  • saintyvisu says:

    @ruvicangel, did you see the video. Stephen smith just said once Bob arum
    is out the way he will fight him.

  • sblack812 says:

    I told pac that same thing when he sat right there. . Steven A. he probably
    didnt under stand you …Michael Rapport