Stephen A. Smith Takes Spurs Over Heat! – ESPN First Take

Stephen A. Smith gives his verdict on who is going to win the NBA finals. He says that the San Antonio Spurs will win in 7 games. Who is your pick? Stephen A…

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  • Keith Johnson says:

    IF IF IF Coach Pop kept 3x Finals MVP Tim Duncan in on defense in game 6
    and IF IF IF took just one of those boards away from Chris bosh. Miami hate
    do not repeat. Spurs would have their 5th by now. IF IF IF´╗┐

  • darvlaskie says:

    2014 Champions : San Antonio Spurs Believe it

  • praveen rajagopal says:

    clearly u hav no respect fr the game of basketbal…..GTFO mofo…

  • Vitor Hara says:

    Stephen a is retarded…. I prefer skip over him anyday, it shows how much
    he thinks lebron is the best player in te world when he doesn’t even pick
    the heat to win it

  • justin izda says:

    actually he’s right. everyone knows the spurs choke their championship away
    in game 6 and 7. the spurs should have won.

  • Alut Dut says:

    Always listen to your heart lol

  • Hector Borges says:

    hahahahahahah heat won! those two clowns can eat it!

  • Rob M says:

    miami heat is a good team but not consistent.

  • kamote reyes says:

    lebron took the 2007 cavs to the finals, do you even know the players on
    that squad besides james??? even jordan wouldn’t even reach the finals with
    that squad. you’re worse than an idiot!!!

  • Cameron Jones says:

    I hate how everyone acts like LeBron James is the Miami Heat and no one
    else is on the team, there are a lot of good players on the Heat, so
    everyone STFU about LeBron, if he was as good of a player as everyone says
    then he would’ve won a championship with Cleveland.

  • xXxSTRiiKe1xXx says:

    Spurs in 6

  • Herber Fama says:

    Yes ,yeahhhhh spurs all da way

  • Vuthipong Lamsam says:

    Go spurs!

  • Dwayne Dunlap says:

    Spurs in 6

  • Old School says:

    spurs in 6

  • x1997xCamper says:

    yea because they lost by a close margin in game 2 right, because ginobili
    and duncan aren’t struggling to score right. The Spurs are a good veterna
    team and I’ll give them all the credit they deserve, but when it comes down
    to it, the Heat are just too talented, they have arguably the best bench in
    the league and the best player in the world with Lebron.

  • GodKingKnight says:

    wake up people they are the Miami heat. Defending champs for a reason. They
    will not allow a defeat, especially in 6. You’d consider yourselves lucky
    to beat heat in 7. Heat will probably give you guys 6 games and take the
    championship. I have to say it the heat looked pretty good last night. Good
    luck tomorrow people!

  • BlankDownload says:

    So if Lakers win, his pick was right. If Spurs win, he wasn’t really
    picking the Lakers and he was right anyway. Logic doesn’t work this way…

  • Ryan Deleon says:

    Spurs in 5 regardless of what these idiot Heat fans have to say

  • gatsbyofhouston says:

    one win and you flip flop? Heat in 5. heat wins 4 straight.