Stephen A. Smith Takes The Eagles To Task On DeSean Jackson

Stephen A. Smith doesnt think its a coincidence that the gang rumors about DeSean Jackson are coming out now. See how he connects the dots to what might be…

Team SVA


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  • D'orsey Jackson says:

    He is so right 

  • dashman26 says:

    Man!!! Stephen A. Smith called it!!!

  • 1tubey says:

    He’s a selfish prick, who thinks the whole world spins around his pointed

  • Vertrauen says:

    Stephen A. always on point! He nailed it.

  • Chris Kavanagh says:

    I agree with Smith on this one, as much as I disliked DeSean. Now he’s a
    Redskin and I LOVE him! HTTR

  • operationNOBO says:

    Who in the Eagles said he had gang ties? It seems to me TMZ I mean ESPN
    just spread this allegation from an article written in the past.

    The guy has a track record of being a drama queen, and the guaranteed money
    was an issue.

    Trust me, if someone on the Eagles organization said he had "gang" ties,
    Desean’s lawyers would be filing a lawsuit. 

  • John Shaw says:

    The Skin’s will be a great fit for DJax. A patient new coach. A big brother
    in D. Hall. And some spirituality from RG3. 

  • ocky88 says:

    Stephen hits the nail on the head. Not only did the Eagles release him
    unfairly, but they are trying to ruin his image so he cant move somewhere
    else. This is sheer malice and a complete double standard. I would be
    worried about Cooper’s affiliations. Klan?

  • ocky88 says:

    But Riley Cooper, the violent bigot, is coming back? Riiiight. 

  • David Bana says:

    I agree totally

  • tim tebaw says:

    DeSean should sue the eagles for defamation.

  • draggonboy1000 says:


  • MrBrandon330 says:

    Stephen A. Smith broke it down haha

  • Pragit Howell says:

    Well said, well put I’m still peed off over this public outburst about
    DeSean Jackson! 

  • Jay Anderson says:

    Riley Cooper ………………………… LOL. America we live in I

  • Osaji Obi says:

    Desean Jackson is going to Oakland to be a RAIDER!

  • GH3TTO R1CHIE RICH says:

    StevenA is %100 right!

  • bxchicano says:

    Pls explain why there are multiple pictures of DeSean throwing up gang

  • GZPtv says:

    Exactly! thats what i been trying to explain to people (mostly Eagles fans)
    who were tagging along with this BS. Salute to Stephen A. Smith for
    publicly explaining this situation the way the real folks see it.

  • realrapcat says:

    good interview my dude! finally some positive words about this situation.
    Listening to espn no one took this stance on the situation…shout out to
    stephen a. smith!!
    Real Rap