Stephen A Smith Talks About LeBron Returning to Cleveland

Stephen A. Smith on LeBron James signing with the Cavs.

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  • Bert Aponte says:

    hahahaha……"and finish my career there"….what a joke!

  • Zac ster says:

    I don’t live in America so I don’t know about this but, "how he left 4
    years ago, the way the city suffered" (Cleveland) REALLY??? Come on!

  • theajballer22 says:

    From thew words of Joakim Noah "What’s so good about cleveland" 

  • ILostMyAccuracy says:

    I wonder if he was rubbing Lebrons cum out of his eye while on the phone.

  • 4everajewel says:

    Anth150 let me guess … you’re white aren’t you

  • Reggie Wagstaff says:

    Why does Stephen Smiff always "black it up"? Oh, so he’s really dat wey?

  • Chris L says:

    Spurs in 5..2015…. Put it in the books put your money on San Antonio
    right now it’s over.. Why bother with the season just give san antonio
    another ring. No team is close… Maybe the Thunder or the Clippers maybe I
    mean really maybe… The Spurs are light years ahead of the league right
    now, Cleveland thinks their golden because they have one star with a
    garbage cast Cleveland is like a bad Disney movie right now

  • EugB23 says:

    Kevin Love played 18 games in 2012 and 55 in 2011, he is one bad spill away
    from missing 30 games next season… Too big of a risk to trade for

  • Norberto Pla says:

    That boy is Stephen a Smith know what he talking about so stop hating

  • Darwin Doleyres says:

    Stephen A Smith Talks About LeBron Returning to Cleveland….

  • jeff dick says:

    you have a 2 or 3 yr window, to win in Cleveland if you win 1 you have a
    statue coming. tell gilbert to get love wiggins need 2 or 3 yrs Cleveland

  • ButtZilla1031 says:

    He wouldn’t have left in the first place if it ain’t for Delonte!

  • network6_9 says:

    Looks like heat gonna actually win the finals this year by signing danny
    granger,luol deng and maybe boozer hell ya that’s what I’m talking bout!

  • Chris L says:

    Stephen Smith the biggest douchebag on TV. You can tell by the way he talks
    he has a major grudge! If I see him doing any commentary I turn the TV off
    or turn to a different channel right away…

  • Terryl Walker says:

    awesome story

  • Ge' iMara says:

    Being born in Alliance Ohio…this is how we feel, verbatim. I have been a
    Cavs fan my entire life. I’m talk’n Phil Hubbord, Ron Harper, Hot Rod
    Williams, Mark Price, The Ehlo "Death Blow", Trajon Langdon???…you name
    it, I was there. Still Here.