Stephenson: LeBron Trash Talk is a "Sign of Weakness"

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless give their thoughts on what Pacers Lance Stephenson had to say about LeBron James.

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  • Rob M says:

    Jordan was blessed with a teammate and a Hall of Fame player in Scottie
    Pippen. In both of MJ’s three-peats, Jordan had a big three of his own. In
    the first go round it was Jordan, Pippen, and Horace Grant; in the second
    round it was Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and if you want to go on further, Toni

  • Henry Kim says:

    oh Lance… you ringless sourpatch kid

  • nate morton says:

    Okay why are you surprised that they SUCK you said it yourself that they
    don’t deserve to be there. In my opinion they should have never made it
    past Atlanta

  • Dat Blackhammer says:

    We really thanked Lance Stephenson for firing up my Miami Heat at game 4! 

  • corvettebmw says:

    It’s pretty easy for the heat to be the best team in the east when there
    are not any good teams in the east. 

  • aslan45 says:

    1:45 dude sounds like scooby doo

  • perillivolcomha says:

    Well Pacers can’t do it, please San Antonio, You’re our last hope.

  • Austin Howie says:

    I like it, Lance is showing the NBA, LeBron, and the Miami Heat, that he’s
    here to stay and isn’t scared. This is coming from a person who rarely
    watches the NBA seriously.

  • Michael Scofield says:


  • Pedro Mangual says:

    George Hill is so irrelevant. Noone talks about him.. 

  • Lift1One says:

    Ray Allen broke the game open. Skip and Smith stays on Wade’s nuts. After
    that 11 point lead from those 2 three pointers, the Pacers pulled within 2
    points 74 to 72 and then Allen hit four consecutive threes along with other
    fast break points.

  • coleworld277 says:

    D rose and Carmelo together with Noah can sweep the heat. 

  • Matthew Vernel says:

    Can I just ask one simple question. How many rings and MVPs does Stephenson
    have? Point proved

  • Namikaze Minato says:

    Stephenson deep in his heart,has a hard on for Miami….

  • MrTorsation476858 says:

    You think a Brooklyn thug like Stephenson would be scared of someone like
    Lebron. Just stop please!!

  • Terry Chimaobi says:

    as Charles Barkely says shut the hell up Lance Stephenson has to shut up ,
    your down 2-1 could be 3-1 tonight he’s a fool thinking that its helping
    him out which is not matter of fact its quite the opposite your making it
    worse for both him and the pacers you just made lebron more determine to
    beat them even more you don’t do that I enjoy trash talk really but not in
    situation that he’s in especially to the best player on the planet really?

  • r3nd0s says:

    Why poke at the beast?

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    Jordan > Lebron 

  • mitch TheSaintsFan says:

    Does Stephen A. look blacker or is it just me?

  • Joseph Katona says:

    1:40 – 1:50 smith acting like yoda.

  • Devon Hutton says:

    Lebron can’t guard lance. #lanceamakeemdance