Steve Spurrier: Overrated or Underrated?

Shannon Sharpe joins First Takes Skip Bayless to discuss whether South Carolinas head football coach Steve Spurrier is overrated or underrated.

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  • Randy Ramnarine says:

    Totally overrated lol

  • Nom Dizzle says:

    Texas A&M tho……………..

  • RAMBONE says:

    Nice to see the GOAT Shannon Sharpe on first take. What a beast.

  • bowlesmovement08 says:

    Great game South Carolina smh. I really didnt expect this tonight. A&M
    playing great

  • Michael Myers says:

    College sports SUCK! it’s all about that NFL & NBA !

  • Angel H says:

    He’s meh

  • topdogg757 says:

    Shannon Sharpe is AWESOME on here!

  • Ron Burgundy says:

    I think him being at South Carolina has made people look at him and say he
    is overrated. Before the 2011 season he only one 9 games once and 8 games
    once, other then that he was winning 7 games a year on average before the
    2011 year. So if he is such a great recruiter as everyone says why did it
    take so long for him to crack 10 games. 

  • Steve Harp says:

    Jimbo Fisher????? Lol…wake up that dude ain’t no good lol

  • N0TORiOUSLYiLL says:


  • bowlesmovement08 says:

    South Carolina been winning 10 plus games every yr and he is recruiting
    real well. Clowney, gilmore and lattimore to name a few. Mike Davis is a
    dark horse heisman candidate. So after all that he is overrated lol jk.
    Steve is a great coach. IMO

  • Johnny U. says:


  • Johnny U. says:

    winston, cam and wilson are the 3 best qbs in the country under the age of

  • Stamps600 says:

    Nick Saben by far #1. Then there are the next tier of guys Les Miles and
    Urban Meyer. Third tier guys Mike Gundy, Brian Kelly, Steve Spurrier, and
    Bobby Petrino. Only putting Petrino in there because he will be at a big
    time school next year with turning around 2 schools and having a winning
    record at Louisville, but his personal life is a mess.

    College you have to have a long term resume. There are tons of coaches who
    have flamed out. Kevin Sumlin, Jimbo Fisher, Gus Malzahn, and Charlie
    Strong all have recent winning resumes but not a long term resume.

  • cevansroxy says:

    Skip hearts Shannon. Watch out Stephen.

  • Frantzy Louis says:


  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "I think he’s an ALL-TIME GREAT coach just based on his LEGACY." – Skip

  • ubadman1 says:

    overrated.he plays games with his qbs and never wins in the end. 

  • WesWei0110011 says:

    Cari Champion is getting more gorgeous by the day. My goodness. She’s

  • Dustin Robert says:


  • don222able says:

    Is Shannon Sharpe gonna be hired by ESPN now?