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  • Maria Pierce says:

    Wouldnt surprise me . Cops are pigs everywere u go ­čÖé ´╗┐

  • Steve Lantz says:

    Brazil’s flag says it all.. Black sun aka Saturn with diamond light. And
    all on a GREEN background. Color for REBIRTH. Covert luciferian activity
    WILL occur, it’s just a question whether there will be overt ones as well.

    Plus there’s the Olympics in the SAME country in 2 years.. Also, there’s a
    reconstruction of The Temple of Solomon being built (just about ready
    now) in Sao Paulo. With stones from Israel. Standing ready THIS YEAR. Yikes.

    Soccer ad was during the ’12 european championships btw.´╗┐

  • kg2679 says:

    The logo looks like a tree to me.´╗┐

  • naturalmystic1 says:
  • shovelheadsinner says:

    Its crazy that you said something about the anti-christ cuz they are
    building a exact replica of Solomon’s Temple in Brazil ´╗┐

  • Shcikita Thomas says:

    Amazing deal spend all this money for this World Cup but nothing for the
    favelas and yes I seen plenty of specials were they literally kill the
    children of because they’re worried about their Tourists income. And on top
    of this I heard about the US including Brazil Australia and Argentina is
    offering them 10 billion dollars to take any Americans if Yellowstone blows
    for evacuation can you imagine that like they’ll have enough as it is and
    now all these Americans being pushed on them crazy I’ll be right here thank
    you. Thanks for the video´╗┐

  • Nicole Sterling says:

    Whether or not it’s happening now, it’s happened before. – Check out the
    doc ‘Bus 174’ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0340468/?ref_=nv_sr_3´╗┐

  • jeansprettypups says:

    its true I really believe they had a tv show on the homeless kids down
    there years ago and how they live´╗┐

  • unknownhuman says:

    I lived in Rio de Janeiro 20 yrs ago and almost every night street kids got
    murdered by some paramilitary squad teams. I lost contact and I thought
    things became better but seems it’s not. I think it is real. prestige is
    more important than human life. it is sad because everybody could be fine
    in Brazil. they’ve got everything that’s needed.´╗┐

  • MVPappas1 says:

    This is real ! I heard about this years ago, they consider these kids as
    vermin and they clean them out like rats, this happens in other Countries
    also. Not only have I seen a few documentaries more than 30 yrs. ago but I
    also knew people who witnessed this. This beast system and all that serve
    it has a whole different view of life and who deserves to live just like
    hitler, mao, stalin, etc. etc. and going back to the roman empire and the
    vatican that power is escalating. Very hard to make things short, so I’ll
    stop here. God Bless´╗┐

  • Alia Ali says:


  • DJ ZADOK says:

    ………………………. Z´╗┐

  • captguy14u says:

    Lots of CRAZY stuff going on….I have a comment I will post on your last
    video…You maybe interested in it…Thanks for sharing this!´╗┐

  • Dingo Foxman says:

    Rich filth see themselves as gods….the children are no exception
    especially if their poor…Organized sports serves its purpose as a
    distraction for the fools in society who are too morally bankrupt to see
    the ruse of organized sporting events.´╗┐

  • RickCleek says:

    I also seen this on Facebook, if its real, its sick. ´╗┐

  • Margo Singery says:

    I really don’t know what to say about this one……but WOW…..´╗┐

  • Ibpn says:

    as in the days of noah´╗┐

  • Amerishima2012 says: