Surprised Steve Kerr Chose Warriors Over Knicks?

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Steve Kerrs decision to pass on the Knicks and Phil Jackson to take the head coaching position with t…

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  • DaveFreezeTV23 says:

    I think Mark Jackson will be the new head coach of the Knicks. He grew up
    in N.Y. and I’m sure it’s his dream job.

  • YekUnit says:

    Not everything like the firing of Mark Jackson is because of racism..

  • IamMrMatt says:

    Stephen A. Racist is at it again. Since he wanted to go there, what
    coaching experience did Mark Jackson have prior to taking the Warriors job
    a few years ago? Thought so. 

  • germandrummer13 says:

    I feel sorry for a guy like Stephen A Smith. Deep down inside he truly does
    feel that blacks are always given the short end of the stick, and most
    likely he will die with that sentiment. That’s the fallacy with the
    "movement"; there will never be a time when these activists say "Ok, I
    guess we’re all on the same level now, lets stop the marches and protests",
    they will always have the same beliefs from the beginning.

  • xFaTalPandax says:

    Stephen A. is the real racist making something about race when there is
    absolutely nothing to do with it

  • fatroc33 says:

    What I dnt get is they fired Jackson to get a coach that NEVER coach
    before?? I would understand if they would have got Stan Van Gundy or
    someone with a history of winning, That just mess up and a slap to Mark
    Jackson’s face……

  • Tyrone Thomas says:
  • monotonesarcasm says:

    I’m curious if Stephen A would still play the race card had Kerr picked the

  • Good LeBron says:

    Guys calm down, its not like Stephen A. Smith is inslaving white people for
    hundreds of years.

  • storm325 says:

    I agree with stephen a. he should give mark a call. but you know eventually
    true ny knicks fans want the zenmaster at the helm. that’s really the only
    way to keep Carmelo here.

  • Adam Aranda says:

    Wow, Im so tired of Stephan A making everything about race. I feel an unsub
    coming very soon.

  • SerlingPictures says:

    Del Negro fired for Doc.
    Van Gundy fired for Jacque Vaughn.
    George Karl fired for Brian Shaw.
    Lawrence Frank fired for Mo Cheeks.
    D’Antoni fired for Woodson.
    Paul Westphal fired for Keith Smart.

    I’m literally done with ESPN First Take. I watched for entertainment, but,
    in the words of Stephen A Smith, "IT’S GOT TO GO!"

  • LiquidTechnique says:

    lol at knicks fans pretending they didnt want steve kerr all along
    lmfaaoooo. such a pathetic franchise. ohh yea stephen a smith being racist
    again i see smdh…..

  • andy18cruz says:

    Stephen A. Smith is a Racist MF. Didn’t Mark Jackson and Jason Kidd didn’t
    "walk" into a job without significant experience despite being black?

  • David Pearose says:

    Sas making it about race….if skip said the same thing about white coaches
    he would be considered a racist 

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "Black coaches are getting fired and white coaches are taking their spots."
    – Stephen A.

  • Liam Whittaker says:

    $25million over 5 years for someone with zero coaching experience?
    Wow give me a coaching job Il take it!

  • Adam Fitzpatrick says:

    Oh look Stephen pulls out the race card again! Jason Kidd is
    African-American you idiot, look how he walked straight into a job,
    regardless of race

  • Jay Cardiak says:

    Steve Kerr chose the right team. Who wants to coach an aging Melo who’s
    surrounded with garbage players when you can coach young guys who are
    talented and have potential to win a lot games for years to come?