Sweden-Portugal 2-3 Full Match World Cup Playoffs 19.11.2013

Team SVA


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  • Getredytagetredy says:

    that blinding computer advertisement light strip at the players eye level
    needs to be taken to a landfill and recycled into something useful.

  • AwunMG19 says:

    Swedish supporters chanting Messi lol they have players like Zlatan and are
    chanting for an Argentinean? You’re humiliating your own players not

  • yuqi0990 says:


  • koke vera says:

    Ronaldo, see u on quarters of final.
    Argentina vs Portugal. Great match!

  • Maryam says:

    Les suédois en position antigouvernementale :rire:

  • idriss zhar says:

    Great CR7 !!

  • Alexandre Pinho says:

    Terrible defence. All three goal were the same: same player, same position,
    same opening. Do you not learn?

  • Graham Morris says:

    Cristiano 4 – Zlatan 2

  • Enzo R. Castillo says:

    12 messi-bieleber dislike video !!!

  • luiz felipe assis da silva says:

    ai love games

  • Singolo MinusTirith says:

    I just threw up looking at this. All over.

  • ThePuddinMan34 says:

    Sweden <3

  • Fito Pereira says:

    Ref was garbage in this game..same ref in 2010 World cup 

  • The NSA says:

    Ronaldo is phenomenal – We listen to all his phone calls

  • mehdi Abid says:


  • cong levan says:

    CR7 no1

  • Carolos Nunes says:

    Swedish pigs booing the national anthem of Portugal… Well 4-2 anyway!!
    See you in brazil in 2014 Sweden, oh wait, you are gonna stay at home…!
    So sad, or not! Hahaha!! PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • zcjxxx says:

    Lol Ibra never sing the national anthem -_-

  • Zeddi Ndlovu says:

    Last goal was the out of those 3 goals from ronaldo 

  • Zeddi Ndlovu says:

    Ronaldo is the best player in the world 

  • nour nahhas says:

    Christiono ronaldo is the best 

  • ศศิวิภา ไชยรักษ์ says:

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