There’s Power in Every Game – Powerade 2014 FIFA World Cup Full-length Commercial

"Of all the games in the world, which matters most? One caught in the glare of a million flashes or another in the hazy light of a suburban sun? Does it matt…

Team SVA


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  • Vine Voice Overs says:

    Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014?

  • Marcin Więckowski says:

    What music it is ? anyone know ? 

  • Oliver Worm says:

    Just epic song. It gives some kind of power. Just want to have this track.

  • maziboss says:

    Where can i buy this song ? People help!

  • Darcrist says:

    Where i can get this song? Great motivation

  • Mystasupa says:

    is it possible to download this song ? or beat?

  • californiaandme says:

    Amazing growth, Nicolai! The headshot for the goal at the end of the video
    is amazing! Miss you and your family, and super super proud of all you’ve
    accomplished and continue to strive for!

  • marco sanchez says:

    ”the game that matters most, is the one you are playing”… el juego que
    importa más, es el que tu estás jugando… no solo aplica para el futbol y
    el deporte, también para la vida… excelente anuncio…

  • Carlos Moreno says:


  • Ellie Wyatt says:

    Music is by Sanj Sen (Ropeysound) and Ellie Wyatt (Ellie Wyatt strings)

  • MisterStrange91 says:

    Water is better.

  • ZodiacFTW says:


  • eyal eyal says:

    11 days until they realse this beast ! hell yeah im waiting

  • TheBarca500 says:

    name song?

  • TheBarca500 says:

    como se llama la musica?

  • Itaint Rite says:

    Inspiring ad. Dropped my jaw when the guy let go of his crutches and dived
    for the ball.

  • David Orlando says:

    This is epic!

  • Stroudy says:

    awesome ad.

  • Jonathan Morgan says:

    Like if Iniesta’s Facebook brought you here. 

  • Assiel Nahum Reyes Umaña says:


  • Joe Beyer says:

    Ben’s high school soccer team made it into a World Cup soccer commercial
    for Powerade. He’s in there a couple of times, the best one at 26 seconds
    running by in maroon

    There’s Power in Every Game – Powerade 2014 FIFA World Cup Full-length