Masai Ujiri shouted “[Expletive] Brooklyn”, but apologized later

Photo credit (Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports)

Photo credit (Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports)

Masai Ujiri shouted “[expletive] Brooklyn,” and yes he’s the Toronto Raptors GM. An pardon, the Raptors organization was just pumped up and overjoyed hosting an NBA playoff game for the first time since 2008. You most likely do if you are in their shoe.

Realizing how dumb it was, you will mostly apologized later as Ujiri did at halftime, as he addressed the media.

“I apologize. I used wrong choice of words out there. This thing is really not about me. It’s about the players and the playoffs. So, just trying to get the crowd out there rattled. Wrong choice of words. I apologize to kids out there and to the Brooklyn guys. Nothing against them. Trying to get our fans going, that’s it.”

A fan at the rally caught Ujiri words on video and uploaded it to Instagram.

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