Tweet: Is Lebron James curse next after Lil B lifts one on Harden?

The good news is… Houston Rockets fans can breathe some fresh air when rapper Lil B lifted his curse on James Harden on Saturday morning straight from Lil B aka “The Based God” tweet:

As you all knew Harden was horrific on Game 5 on Houston loss vs Golden State Warriors in West NBA Finals. Harden sets record of turnover in a playoff game with 13 including the ugly dribble off his foot. Lil B was gracious enough to patch up with Harden suggesting that the MVP runner up this year might be troubled inside.

Lil B unleashed his curse on Harden when the Houston guard copied his cooking action dance and didn’t even return back the attributes to the rapper who was the original on cooking dance since 2010.

It’s all good now but the bad news is Lil B might turn his curse on Lebron James on Game 5 NBA Finals on Sunday. It was remembered that Lil B was pissed on Lebron calling him arrogant as reported by ESPN.

The beef started after Cleveland won the NBA East when JR Smith posted on Instagram video of himself, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert and Kendrick Perkins getting hyper on cooking motion dance. Lil B has stern words on the King, “Now the thing is, if LeBron James continues to be arrogant and with all his leadership, the supposed leader that LeBron James is, if he’s doing dances and celebrations where he doesn’t know the source, that shows a little bit about LeBron James’ personality. If LeBron James is doing things where he doesn’t really know the source, LeBron James might be the person who buys a fake Picasso painting too. He might do that.”

We know Kyrie was out the Finals due to injury but I’m not suggesting because of Lil B. Shumpert amended with Lil B. That left JR Smith who was non-factor in the series so far. As we all know Lebron James has been playing like from the outer space on the first 3 games of the NBA Finals. But on Game 4 Lebron was finally brought down to Earth bloody with a head cut from colliding a camera.

Now all eyes will be on Lebron on NBA Finals Game 5. Could Lil B would be the culprit if Lebron plays bad, well wait ’till game time.

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