TYT World Cup Bracket Challenge!!

Join the TYT Sports World Cup Expert Francis Maxwell and the others from TYT to compete in the World Cup Bracket Challenge via ESPN. Follow this link: http:games.espn.go.comworld-cup-bracket-pre…

Team SVA


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  • john lee says:

    brazil,germany, and spain, argentina final 4

  • John Stockton says:

    wow, i really want that t-shirt

  • kazooga1234 says:

    if i am correct this is the first locked out vid with francis thx for the
    ha bisky video

  • Dnt Wry says:

    I sense that Brazil will face a fate worse than losing to Uruguay at the
    Losing to Argentina at the Maracana. 

  • Matt Roberts says:

    I’m in; probably should have taken more than 2 minutes to fill out my
    bracket though

  • WiredPyro says:

    Against my swiss fan mentality I chose Uruguay to win..

    You can tell I feel confident

  • Michael Filletti says:

    Apparently Pele predicted that Germany would win it. So I guess they’re not
    winning it.

  • Ben Marshall says:

    Allez les bleus! 

  • Andy Thorn says:

    I’m so bias I put England as winning our group, but then saw the light and
    changed it to Italy. I still have them getting to the quarters where we
    face Brazil 

  • The8347135 says:


  • JohnCenaRocks2TV says: