Uncle @stephenasmith Defends @mcuban

Mark Cuban video https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=72g3MpXb3UM Stephen A. Smith video http:youtu.bemSbbPImYHDA.

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  • Alana H says:

    SMH! I liked both of them, but I have to lose respect for them! When are
    they going to judge everyone by the content of their character! Did these
    idiots forget it was RAINING the night Trayvon was murdered! The hoodie
    thing is so dumb, it amazes me that all the evil going on in this world and
    they focus on something so minor. How would they feel if all black mother’s
    decided to send their children to schools that only had black teachers!
    That’s the issue they need to focus on, all the teacher’s sleeping w/our
    children. Time to start a new petition! They need to get time in prison
    like a man would get, a black man at that! 

  • Antron Bailey says:

    Stephen A. Smith is one of those opportunist coons that would do anything
    for his white daddies!!! This coon has track record bashing our community
    throughout his career as so-called sports journalist.

  • LaRone Polk says:

    Going in on Stephan on this doesn’t hold much weight. You call him a
    sellout when he is constantly touching on racial issues….on a SPORTS
    show. Because he doesn’t hold the typical position on this mans (Mark
    Cuban) statement he an Uncle Tom? Eric Dyson schooled him yesterday, but
    Stephan reps us too well to throw him under the bus. Just my opinion.

  • I Declare War says: