USA World Cup 2014 Makeup Tutorial

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Team SVA


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  • Lorie Riley says:

    I would love to watch Jackie do her famous lip singing to the national
    anthem ­čśë Now that would be cool XD´╗┐

  • HeyyItsDoddy says:

    For the Anne Maguire Trust, two of my school teachers have made a world
    cup song called ‘Bring It Home – Disco Mister’ – please check it out and
    buy on itunes to help such a great cause! ´╗┐

  • crazyteenagechik says:

    World cup ANTHEM thanks jackie for these vids´╗┐

  • catrocks11 says:

    Anthem xx´╗┐

  • Ellen Kim says:

    cmon lets ding the national anthem LOL´╗┐

  • Amzmisterz says:

    Anthem and do England´╗┐

  • lynda walker says:

    This makeup reminds my of the national anthem I love it:)´╗┐

  • kh3dfan1 says:


  • Mia Murnan says:

    please could you do an England one please thank you Jackie!!!´╗┐

  • deppy moschou says:


  • feelitwice says:


  • LetsGoooCICI says:

    Can you do this with Germany ?´╗┐

  • MsPinkalicious713ÔÖą says:

    Ok so my aunt recently turned to a U.S citizen lately(she wasn’t born in
    the U.S) and I went with her to a court house-ish so she can be a Legal
    citizen!! It was crazy and very sad too!! And she had to give up being
    Australian(she’s Aussie) and all… and when they were singing the National
    Anthem this man had no clue what the words were lol and every single time I
    was staring at him,(I thought it was pretty funny)…and so he was just lip
    syncing and humming… lol he made my day… I know I shouldn’t be laughing
    but #YOLO´╗┐

  • mestargazr says:

    I had to sing the national anthem in school a lot but I still enjoy
    listening to it. You’re makeup makes me think of the national anthem.´╗┐

  • Grisel Alcantar says:

    Anthem ! ´╗┐

  • Lily Souffrant says:

    I luv USA’s national ANTHEM. ´╗┐

  • MsBeautyGirl01 says:

    everyday in the the national ANTHEM is played´╗┐

  • GeorgiaPeach201 says:

    Jackies videos are my youtube anthem´╗┐

  • Alexis - LexiLove518 says:

    You are just TOO ADORABLE! I was glad to meet you at GenBeauty, you’re such
    a sweetheart! Great job on this tutorial love! I loved the first look only
    because I don’t think I am THAT brave as you to wear something like the
    second one! haha xoxo -Lexi´╗┐

  • kaitlinemmax says:

    This look is so pretty and colourful x´╗┐

  • AliciaCSosa says:

    the next person to sing the United States National ANTHEM should where the
    full flag on their face!!´╗┐

  • SwagedOutEdits says:

    Can’t wait to sing the national anthem for my country :)´╗┐

  • knorie1 says:

    Red white blue is the dutch flag right?´╗┐

  • Lexisauruss says:

    You’re amazing! Makes me remember when I sang the national Anthem at my
    schools 50th anniversary (:´╗┐

  • JaaackJack says: