VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers gutsy fake spike, Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins highlights

Aaron Rodgers fake spike with 13 seconds left in the 4th quarter was a gutsy call with Green Bay Packers that propelled them to win over Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The Packers are trailing 20-24 with less than two minutes in the regulation but they got the ball and they have Aaron Rodgers to drive the last play.

Five plays later with 13 seconds left, Rodgers pulled a gutsy call in the red zone for a fake spike that ables them a first down now with 6 seconds left.

Then the following play was even more magical as Rodgers passed to Andrew Quarless to the right for 4 yard gain touchdown. Green Bay wins 27 – 24 and Miami just got rob. Aaron Rodgers gutsy fake spike prove to be the difference.

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