VIDEO: Andre Iguodala latest dance craze ‘Do the Iguodala’

If you missed the Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder highlights on Thursday night, then probably you miss the latest dance craze created by Warriors’ Andre Iguodala.

In the video above, obviously, Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley committed a 3 or 4 steps travel before dropping in a layup that put his team up 95-88 with crucial three minutes remaining in the game but the referee didn’t call the violation. There’s no way they’re going to be able to the math and pick up all the steps anyway.

That prompted Iguodala’s body language signaling a travel (in Vine video) in front of the irritated referee. Good luck trying to teach the refs the travel dance as Iguodala got slapped with technical foul.

But in doing so, the Warriors reserve has created the latest dance craze — “Do the Iguodala” as folks at studio called it. Now move out #Shmoney Dance here comes the Iggy dance.


Team SVA


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