VIDEO: Apollos Hester speech fits him a motivational speaker than a player

Forget about Ray Lewis speech, it’s time for high school wide receiver Apollos Hester’s motivational speech. Hester got an never-say-die attitude so as his team East View High after they defeated Vandegrift comeback win. The post-game video interview with Apollos Hester by TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler highlights his eloquent and enthusiastic inspirational speech which swept the internet with whopping 5 million views on Youtube in just three days.

Thats how Apollos Hester speech made him an internet sensation that touches millions of people to be inspired ever more. If Hester doesn’t make it to the NFL as a player for some reason, he can definitely make in the coaching staff or church evangelist, politician or maybe a motivational speaker which make him lots of money.


Team SVA


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