VIDEO: Barcelona vs Bayern Munich highlights, Messi-Neymar-Suarez deadly combo

Messi free kick goal
Suarez vs Neymar (Photo via Twitter)

Barcelona trio strikers Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi proved to be too much to handle for the defending champion Bayern Munich in their Champions League semis match up. The Catalan team emerges the winner on 5-3 aggregate score after the second leg 2-3 loss at Allianz Arena on Tuesday night. Even the home crowd can’t help Bayern Munich, but blame their poor performance in 3-0 defeat from last week first leg where Lionel Messi scored twice.

The German team three goals were little too late, not even Benatia, Lewandowski and Müller who all scored can save them. Really not when your are facing a World Cup dream team strikers when you combine Messi, Neymar and Suarez in one team. After Messi scored twice last week, it was Neymar who took control this time on the offense by scoring twice early.

The two goals wouldn’t be possible if there’s no Luis Suarez from behind the scenes who delivers two brilliant assist to the Brazilian star. Bottom line is Barcelona unselfish play makes them the favorite to win this year Champion League title.

Watch the video Barcelona vs Bayern Munich highlights, Messi-Neymar-Suarez deadly combo

Barcelona first goal by Messi-Suarez-Neymr combo:

Barcelona second goal, Suarez to Neymar:

Barcelona trio stat: Messi-2, Neymar-3, Suarez-3 assist

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