VIDEO: Brandon Crawford dive-flips to Joe Panik for double play

Wanna watch in what sort of re-enactment of famous Joe Panik play in World Series Game 7 where he dive and flip Brandon Crawford for a double play?

This time Crawford dive and flip to Panik for a marvelous double play as San Francsico Giants 1-0 win against the San Diego Padres on Thursday night at Petco Stadium. The game goes through extra mile in the 12th inning as new comer Justin Maxwell drove a clutch single to center field for the winning run from who else? Brandon Crawford.

Tim Hudson pitched well for scoreless 6 1/3 innings behind the wizard defensive play at short

Hudson has nice words on Crawford play, “He truly amazes me,” right-hander Tim Hudson said. “He’s one of the best I’ve played with. He just makes so many great plays. He’s a wizard over there at shortstop. He makes all the routine plays and makes the tough plays look routine. That’s the true mark of a good shortstop. For a guy like me, keeping the ball down and pitching to contact, he’s a breath of fresh air.”

Watch Brandon Crawford dive-flips to Joe Panik for double play.


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