VIDEO: Kaepernick touchdown to Boldin, Crabtree – thing of beauty

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick throws a nice fade to Anquan Boldin for a touchdown and a clutch 51-yard pass to Michael Crabtree against New Orleans on Sunday were things of beauty. Boldin pass from Colin Kaepernick for 15 yards TD makes you wonder where is the 49ers QB in last week loss to the St Louis Rams?

Watch Colin Kaepernick throws touchdown to Anquan Boldin perfectly.

Kaepernick has so much trust to Boldin hands as he let the ball fly towards the veteran receiver.

But with game on the line, Kaepernick with the 51-yard pass to Michael Crabtree for the clutch first down with seconds left is too much of a beauty. Kaepernick pass to Crabtree on 4th and 10 on Saints 27 territory was critical that sets a field goal to tie the game for overtime.

San Francisco sneaks on to win 27-24 in OT over New Orleans.

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