ESPN First Take Video: Why Doesn’t Jeremy Lin Get More Flagrant Foul Calls

Jeremy Lin get more flagrant foul calls has been a hot topic on the social media today, afte a fan posted a video on Youtube highlighting the untoward incidents. It’s disturbing to watch really.

Jeremy Lin Get More Flagrant Foul CallsSince then that video earned a million enough views to be pick up by media site including titans like ESPN and The New York Times.

NY Times quoted, “Though Kuei’s video does not attempt to speculate on the root cause of Lin’s perceived treatment, much of the ensuing discussion has gravitated toward Lin’s race.”

At ESPN First Take episode today, Molly Qerim joins Jared Dubley and Skip Bayless as they debate the hot topic on why doesn’t Jeremy Lin get more flagrant foul.

video here
For me Jeremy Lin’s video is really disturbing to watch, I’m glad JLin does worked his tail off during the off- season to prepare himself physically but not so severe contact as like this. NBA refs should be ashamed themselves. Lin should be allowed to wear the spikey mohawk hair to ward off defenders or NBA should do something.

Watch Jeremy Lin: Too Flagrant Not to Call fan made video:

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