VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather slaps Manny Pacquiao’s dummy

The richest boring fight in history between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather has been two months past, yet the undefeated American can’t still move on. Lately Floyd posted on Instagram mocking the Filipino as Mayweather slaps Pacquiao twice in a depicted dummy in the video.

“So Manny, you out here telling people that I didn’t win fair and square,” he tells the dummy before reaching out to grab the mannequin’s left shoulder. “That this little arm is messed up. Is that right?”

What irked Mayweather was Pacquiao failed to give him credit and acknowledge as the winner on the fight. Pacquiao even said he felt he won seven rounds against Mayweather’s five according to GMA News.

I love having fun, joking and living life #SenseOfHumor

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You can’t blame Mayweather though. Pacquiao should have accepted that he lost fair and square even not disclosing his controversial shoulder injury in the training camp.

H/T – WaPost

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